Despite your best efforts there will be bugs living in your home. Fortunately the majority of these are so small that you’ll never see them and they won’t cause you any harm.

But, there are some bigger insects and bugs that will cause you problems. Flies are one of the worst as they carry a multitude of diseases. Termites may not endanger your health but they can undermine the structural stability of your home.

This is why it is essential that you know how to identify potential pests and are aware of whom your local exterminators are. Sometimes you’ll need to react very quickly.

In fact you can find out more from your local pest expert; they do more than just get rid of the issue for you.

Here are some great ways to identify a potential pest problem:


Creatures such as mice will leave droppings behind. If you find them on your floor or counter tops then you know you have an issue.

You’ll need to figure out how they came into your home. It’s essential to block up their entry route. You should also put down traps to take care of the ones that are already in your home.

If you catch more than a few and the problem seems to be continuing then it is definitely time to get professional help.


Saw dust is a common sign that you may have termites or another type of wood infestation. This is the sort of event that needs managing carefully and dealing with as promptly as possible.

It doesn’t matter if your home is old or not; wood infestations can cause a lot of damage in a short space of time.


A tell tale sign that all pests leave behind is stains on the ceiling, walls or even the floor. You’re looking for small spots that are either maroon or brown in color. These are a sign that you have a pest problem; they can range from tiny bed bugs to cockroaches and even mice.

Once you’ve noticed the tell tale stains you need to take steps to rectify the issue. The longer you leave it the bigger the problem grows.

Don’t forget to inspect the dark spaces in your new home. These are where pests are most likely to congregate; you’ll see their calling card as a multitude of brown specks in one place.

You can also shine your flashlight behind the radiators and across the floor to check for rats and mice that have chewed through the floorboards.

The State Of Your Home

Pests are generally attracted to areas that have food waste and standing water. These are essential for this survival. Even a new house can quickly look a mess or even be a mess before you move in. The messier it is the more attractive it will be to pests.

You’ll need to tidy as soon as you move in but it’s useful to know that a mess outside will increase the likelihood of pests inside.