Most of us can probably admit that we don’t keep on top of home maintenance as often as we probably should, but the consequences of neglecting it can result in extremely costly repairs. It’s easy to overlook small issues until they become real problems, but regular maintenance almost always works out much cheaper in the long run. Many areas of a property need attention on a relatively frequent basis, and they include electrics, plumbing, and the roof, the latter of which is the easiest to overlook because it can be difficult to know when there are issues.

We don’t pay much attention to our roofs because we simply expect it to continue doing its job. However problems can and do arise on a common basis, and even small issues can make a home less energy-efficient and even dangerous.

In addition, Altrincham – as with most other areas of the UK – experiences its fair share of punishing weather conditions. Rain, snow, and even sunlight, all have negative effects on a roof over time, and that’s why it’s important to hire professional roofers in Altrincham to carry out a thorough inspection periodically, at least once every year or two but also after heavy downpours.

Needless to say, spotting issues by yourself can be a challenge when you don’t know what to look out for, not to mention the fact that most people rarely spend any time on their roof. It’s also advisable not to try and inspect your own roof because of the dangers involved. Nevertheless, this article will talk about some of the issues you might be able to spot without putting yourself in a potentially hazardous situation. In addition, it’ll also discuss some of the most common roof problems, the potential consequences of overlooking these problems as well as how to find the best roofers in the Altrincham area.

Spotting Roof Problems: The Tell-Tale Signs

As aforementioned, you shouldn’t attempt to inspect your own roof because you’ll be placing yourself in danger. However, here are a few signs which, if spotted, suggest your roof may be experiencing some negative issues.

  • Water patches on your ceilings or walls – Visible water patches can actually be caused by a number of problems. However, if you notice that the spots appear darker or grow in size following rainfall, it’s highly likely that an issue with your roof is the culprit. The leak might not be very close to where you can see moisture because the water can travel along beams or roof panels before leaking through to your insulation. That is just one reason why you’ll need a professional inspection.
  • Your roof shingles appear to be cupping – By cupping, we mean the tiles or shingles on your roof are starting to rise at the edges. Unfortunately, this is destined to happen as your shingles age, but the ageing process can be sped up if your loft isn’t venting heat properly. If you notice this problem, it likely means you’ll need to reshingle your roof and/or consider properly venting your loft.
  • You notice some tiles or shingles are missing – Again, this will probably happen over time as the materials used to make your roof start to degrade, but pests and damaged sealant can also be the cause of the problem. It’s a good idea to keep tree branches trimmed as to avoid creating an easy pathway onto your roof for unwanted wildlife.
  • You can see visible black stains on the roof – This is usually caused by the growth of algae, and though the actual damage caused is often minimal, it doesn’t do much for your property’s aesthetic appeal. If you want to make sure your home is primed to go to market, you might want to consider having new, algae-resistant shingles installed, or you could add zinc strips near the edges of your roof that release a fungicide during rainfall.
  • Cracked tiles or shingles – A layer of granules are applied to asphalt shingles to prevent them from being damaged by the Sun’s UV rays. However, those granules have a lifespan, and that means the shingles are inevitably going to be susceptible to heat damage. Unfortunately, the only real solution to this problem is to have the shingles replaced. It’s worth checking whether they’re covered by a warranty if you suspect they’ve reached the end of their lifespan too quickly.

The Consequences of Damaged Roofs

It’s easy to overlook small spots of water on your ceilings and walls when they don’t look too serious. However, they’re a sign of an issue that is bound to become worse with time, and moisture can lead to mould and mildew growth that is not only difficult to get rid of but also hazardous to your health.

In addition, over time, damaged roofs that are neglected can lose their structural integrity. As you can imagine, repairing a collapsed or significantly damaged roof is a large task that will seriously hurt your bank account.

It’s also best to tend to cracked or falling tiles and shingles as quickly as possible because they can result in injury as well as cause leeks and a build-up of moisture.

Finding the Best Roofers in the Altrincham Area

The best way to prevent problems from becoming dangerous and expensive is to have your roof inspected thoroughly, at least once a year. The cost of regular maintenance is dwarfed by the cost of expensive repairs, and making sure your roof stays in great condition is vital to ensuring your home provides you with a comfortable, safe and eco-friendly habitat.

Of course, you want to know that whoever you trust to inspect your roof will do a good job, and that means finding the best roofers in Altrincham. We’d recommend searching an online directory that gives you access to reviews and ratings so that you can see what experience previous customers had.