When it comes to moving to a new house, there always seems to be a list a mile long of things you have to take care of. From making sure you have not left anything behind to unpacking all of your belongings and getting used to your new home, moving can be extremely overwhelming.

However, there are a few things you should immediately after moving in, which can help to keep you safe in your new house and feeling more comfortable in your new home.

Here are five things to do as soon as you move in:

  1. Clean

Unless you have moved into one of the new townhomes for sale in Utah, it is always a wise idea to clean the house before moving your boxes and furniture into the home. Even if the previous owners appeared to clean the home before moving out, it is always a good idea to be cautious and to give the home one final spruce before moving everything into the house. Clean the floors with disinfectant, clean the baseboards, and vacuum the carpets. If the home came with appliances, such as a range or a fridge, give the inside of each a quick cleaning.

  1. Blinds and Window Treatments

In the event your home does not have any blinds or pre-existing window treatments, do your best to install those either before moving in or the day of. Open windows can make you feel exposed at night, as the whole neighborhood can see in when the lights are on. Blinds and curtains offer a layer of privacy and security.

Five Things to Do Immediately After Moving In

  1. New Locks

It is always a good idea to install new locks onto the home, for you never know who might have a key to the house. The previous homeowners may have given out more keys than they realized, which could leave your home vulnerable to strangers simply walking in on you and your family if they are unaware that the house has been sold. New locks provide you with the assurance that only your family has the keys to the house.

  1. Make the Beds

One way to make the new house feel like home is to dress the beds once they have been set up. After a long day of moving, it can be extremely comforting to walk into a room that has a fully made bed. Even with the rest of the home being in chaos, you and your family are still guaranteed a peaceful, comfortable night’s rest.

  1. Family Meal

Lastly, even if unopened boxes act as your makeshift table, try to have your first family meal in your house on the day you move. The meal does not need to be fancy or anything more than take-out or a frozen pizza, but having a meal there can help you and your family relax and feel at home in the new place.

These five things can help you settle in right away.