At Hide Rugs, you can rely on us for luxurious, high-quality, high-performance rugs. Moreover, and most importantly, we source all our rugs from responsible animal hide providers. Like you, we appreciate the craftsmanship and beauty of a fine hide rug. You can spruce up your home and make all your friends covet your great sense of style. We also realise the importance of ethical hide sourcing. We all think sheepskin, reindeer skin, and exotic springbok and blesbok hides make beautiful additions to your home. But it’s our responsibility to ensure ethical treatment of the animals whose hides we use. Join us today as we look at why this is so important and what makes an ethical provider.

What Makes It Ethical?

Our products all feature materials sourced from responsible providers.  But what does it mean for something to be responsibly sourced?  For us at Hide Rugs, we must answer two questions.

The first question is: Do we know where the hide has come from and how was it produced? Our discerning customers care about quality as well as ethics. We satisfy their unique needs by providing products we can trace directly back to their point of origin. As such, you can place your trust in us.

The second question is: Would our customers be happy to have one of our hide rugs in their home? Our hide rugs are more than just the best on the market, but they’re also incredibly sustainable. We want to help our customers make informed decisions based on the values important to them. Why should you have to settle for less?

Environmental Business Practices

Our goal is to provide environmentally sound animal hide rugs that are a cut above the rest. We cater to caring, stylish customers who share our values. But why is sustainability so important? Well, ever since we first domesticated animals, their skins have always been a renewable by-product we could recycle. Human beings use animals primarily for food and milk, and their furs kept us warm in winter, allowing us to protect ourselves from the elements. Animals were natural resources, with every part of them useful, and none of it wasted. Today, though, animal hides are no longer a by-product. Most of the time, the hide is that which we want most from the animal. Whether it’s leather for furniture, shoes, and clothing, or stylish hide rugs, we use animal hides for just about everything.

But with so much demand for animal products, animal welfare should be at the top of every company’s list of interests. This is especially true for our hide rugs. Not only for moral reasons, but also because superior welfare standards are highly beneficial from a commercial standpoint. Customers want quality products they can feel comfortable about having in their home. We aim to meet that demand. Moreover, hide quality tells you everything you need to know about the welfare and living conditions of the original animal. Ethical sourcing of sustainable products is important to us as a business. We hope all our customers share our beliefs.

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