You probably don’t think much about the gutters on your home. However, they are actually very important. Gutters are designed to catch water that is running down your roof and usher it away from your house. This is important because your home is built on a concrete slab that forms the base of the foundation. If the water is allowed to build up around the edge of your house, it will wash away the soil around your home’s foundation. Over time, that will result in your foundation being eroded. Your home can become weakened or even start to slant. That will result in much worse problems in the future. Keeping your gutters in good shape is a good way to avoid this.

Keeping Gutters in Good Shape

If you want to keep your gutters in good shape, you need to call Tunbridge Wells roofers. They will be able to inspect your roof and determine if you need gutter work.

  • The simplest gutter work involves just cleaning out your gutters so that they allow water to flow freely.
  • The gutters need to be mounted securely to your roof as well; if they are not mounted securely, the weight of the water can pull the gutters away from the edge of the roof.

Gutter Screens

It’s important to put screens over the gutters so that they can keep debris out of the gutters. Keeping the gutters free of debris and detritus allows the water to flow freely. This means that the water will be safely guided away from your house. Otherwise, the water will overflow and it will be much the same as if the gutters weren’t there at all.