While many experts will caution you against storing valuables in your home, the truth is that many people choose to keep their important documents and many valuables at home rather than in a safety deposit box or other, more secure location. In order to do this, however, buying a home safe is the only way to ensure that your valuables, whether they are old family photos, your passport, or a ten carat diamond bracelet or ring. Here’s what you need to know about choosing the right cmi safe for your home.

Pick your perils

The first thing you need to know before choosing deciding between cmi safes is what it is best rated to protect your valuables against. In most cases, a safe is designed to protect against fire, burglary or both. The safe you choose should adequately protect your assets against the perils that are of most concern for you while meeting your budget constraints. Here’s what you need to look for when it comes to peril protection.

Fire resistance

Most homeowners are most concerned about fire when it comes to protecting their assets. And it is definitely of great concern. As a matter of fact, experts say that homeowners face a one in four chance of experiencing a fire large enough to require the services of the local fire department to extinguish in their lifetimes.

If fire is on your radar, you need to choose a safe that can withstand the high temperatures present when a fire breaks out. Safes are rated for fire resistance based on the temperatures they can withstand before failing by listing the temperatures that they allow the internal structures to get during a fire. If you are storing documents alone or materials that are less sensitive to heat, you can choose a safe that allows the internal temperature to reach 350 degrees. However, if you are storing photos, film or other heat sensitive materials inside, you need a safe that will keep internal temps at 150 degrees or below.

In addition to noting how well a safe can control internal temperatures during a fire, it’s also important to understand how long they can perform at expected levels. For the most part, safes can provide the listed protection for about 30 minutes, which is usually adequate for house fires.

Burglary protection

Having a burglary resistance rating isn’t as common for home safes as they are for commercial safes such as the ones used in banks and jewelry stores. However, you can find safes that offer such a rating. In most cases, you will see this rating listed as TL-15 or TL-XX where XX is the amount of time it will take a burglar to crack the safe using common tools.

While most home safes aren’t directly rated for burglary resistance, it is important to note that most burglars aren’t looking to move something so heavy nor are they inclined to take the time to try and break into one, choosing instead to grab the easy to tote items before leaving. This advantage can be further exploited by anchoring the safe in a wall or concrete floor.

CMI Safes for Sale-What they cost

You can purchase a safe that is adequate for storing documents and/or small assets for between $25-$100. You can find larger safes for a larger pricetag that will accommodate more assets. You can also expect to pay more for luxuries such as shelving or drawers.

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