Contrary to popular belief, mankind didn’t always abide by the enigmatic eight-hour block of sleep that we’ve all become so familiar with. People actually used to sleep in a very segmented fashion, with a three- to four-hour block of sleep followed by a few hours of active consciousness and then another three- to four-hour block of rest. This was because our ancestors made a point of paying homage to the natural light cycle in each region; when the sun began fading away into the night, people simply went to bed regardless of the actual time of day.

According to renowned historian Roger Ekirch, the industrial revolution was the driving force behind this transition from segmented sleep to block sleep as the rise of streetlamps, technology, and nightlife caused people to become much more conscious of the clock and sensitive to productivity. This caused the essence of deep sleep to take a back seat to fun, amusement, and pleasurable activities as people became enamoured with pursuing stimulation as opposed to restful sleep.

This brief article will detail the most expeditious ways to improve your sleep routine in this day and age.

Your Mattress Is the Key

If you’re tired of tossing and turning or waking up with unbearable back pain, it’s time to look into a convenient and affordable mattress alternative.

The modern bed in a box is becoming increasingly popular by the day and with good reason, too. These mattresses are designed for economical shipping because they are compressed and hermetically sealed into a box during the manufacturing process. The resulting package is only a fraction of the size of a traditional mattress, which effectively saves inventory space and reduces the carbon emissions associated with shipping. These savings are then passed onto you, the customer, as bed in a box mattresses are often half the price of comparable memory foam beds in the retail marketplace.

To boot, customers from the world over have attested to the superior quality and comfort provided by these bed in a box products. Regardless of your body type or temperature preference, these mattresses are made with an ergonomic memory foam featuring a durable construct, which means that a bed in a box is likely the closest you’ll ever get to a one-size-fits-all mattress solution. The only true downside to ordering a bed in a box is the fact that you won’t have a chance to try it out first, but the seemingly endless stream of positive customer reviews should provide some solace in this regard. Additionally, many of the most reputable suppliers feature a no-obligation trial period of about 100 days or so, which means that you can get a full refund if the mattress doesn’t quite ring your bell.

Augmenting Your Sleep Routine

In addition to purchasing an ergonomic bed in a box, you might also want to try some of these tips and tricks to effect a more restful night of sleep:

  • Constancy: Regardless of whether it’s a weekday or the weekend, make sure you lay down to rest at the same time each night. This will allow your body’s internal clock to stay on schedule, which encourages a natural cycle of melatonin production.
  • Don’t Eat Before Bed: Rather than forcing your digestive system to work arduously throughout the night, make sure your last meal comes at least a few hours before bedtime. This way, your body can focus on recuperation and restoration instead of processing your dinner.
  • Augment Your Setting: From the décor in your bedroom to the actual bed you sleep on, your surroundings play a big role in your ability to attain restful sleep. You should tinker with your mattress and the room’s lighting if you’re experiencing restlessness at night; therapeutic candles can also effect a calming environment as well.

As cases of insomnia, sleep deprivation, and restlessness are at all-time highs, the importance of obtaining restful sleep cannot be understated, especially when taking into account the results-oriented hypercritical nature of our modern society. With a brand-new bed in a box and a handful of sleep-enhancing techniques at the ready, you’ll finally be able to catch those all-too-important Z’s!