The gutters on your home are incredibly important. They are often neglected, but that is a mistake. Many people ignore their gutters because they don’t know the purpose of the gutters. The gutters on your home are important in catching and redirecting water away from your home.

Why they’re Important

Your home is built on a foundation that is likely a concrete slab. This concrete slab keeps your home level and stable. Below the slab are concrete pilings that sink into the earth and keep your concrete slab stable. The ground around your home can shift or erode throughout the years. If that happens, your home’s foundation might actually be in danger. Your gutters are designed to prevent this. That’s why you should make sure you contact West Kilbride roofers who can help with your guttering. Your gutters are designed to catch water that is rolling off your roof, and redirect it away from the foundation of your home. Without quality gutters, the water will collect around the base of your home and wash away dirt from around your foundation. Over the years of washing away the dirt near your home, the foundation can actually begin to shift.

Shifting Foundation

You need to look for signs of foundation damage. A roofer can help you address that damage. Foundation damage tends to look like places where the foundation is exposed, or places where you might see vertical cracks. If you can see the concrete slab on which your home sits, you are likely seeing a dangerous level of erosion. You need to get your gutters repaired or replaced. In some cases, you might just need to have your gutters cleaned.

Your gutters are incredibly important elements of the system that keeps your home safe, from foundation damage and a home that is not level.