Your bathroom is the place that mostly gets affected by moisture and water one a daily basis. After every use, the bathroom gets wet with water droplets and moisture which in turn affects the tiles majorly. Moisture takes away the shine and luster of the tiles and what it affects most is the grouting of the tiles making it look dirty, unclean and old. Well, there is not much of an option to avoid this problem, especially inside the shower cubicle. So what do you do when you need to clean the grouting of the tiles? It is not always possible to replace the tiles every time. Thus you opt for shower regrouting.

What is shower regrouting?

When the grout of the tiles in your bathroom gets damaged, discolored and old because of constant moisture, foam remains, and other such substances it requires a regrouting. Regrouting is the process by which you can remove the old and damaged tile grouts of floor and walls and replace the place with new grout. The regrouting process also involves polishing the tiles so that it looks new. If you are planning to have a fresh and new look of your bathroom then you should call a specialist service that will do the job for you.

How to regrout the shower tiles?

The advanced tools and techniques have made regrouting an easy job. However, you will need a professional to do it for you since it requires some level of precision and expertise. If you are living in Australia then you can Liverpool Glass a dependable service provider for all your shower regrouting needs. Regrouting improves the appearance of your bathroom dramatically.

Regrouting is done using a special tool which the expert technician uses to remove the grout around the tiles up to a depth of 4 mm. for regrouting it is very important to take proper preparation. After the preparation, the area is thoroughly cleaned and vacuumed. Then the new grout is applied. The new grout that comes with anti-mould additive that makes the grout last longer and defy molds and moisture.

Now that the affected area has been regrouted with new sealing, it is essential to keep the whole area properly sealed so that it gets better longevity. A stain-guard is used to seal the area. The technician fills the regrout with a sealer that penetrates inside making the grout damp and mold proof. It also makes it easier for the user to clean the tiles and prevent them from premature damage.


While it is essential to go for regrouting when the bathroom tiles are damaged by mold and moisture, you can use shower screens to help control the decay. Shower screens do not let the moisture spread throughout the bathroom and thus only a small part of the area gets affected. You can find different types of shower screens in the market. You may also ask a professional for the best way to maintain the bathroom tiles that can keep your bathroom clean and dry.