As a buyer or seller, you’re about to embark on one of the most stressful and exciting journeys in your life. You need to be certain that you can trust your real estate agent to deliver the best end results. Choosing a wrong real estate agent can significantly impact your experience. The right real estate agent may not have a great resume, but he/she will be committed to help you meet all your needs.

However, hiring a right real estate agent can be difficult. There’s a lot of stuff to consider with strong competition between agents. Here are a few steps to help you choose the realtor that will be best fit for you.

  1. Ask Former Clients: In your first meeting, the agents will put their best foot forward. But, for more information about their work habits, try to speak with the people who’ve worked with them in the past. The best place to get started is online testimonials. To get an in-depth insight in your agent’s industry expertise, you can check their facebook page or if you have common friends, ask them about their experience with the agent.
  1. Do they have good knowledge about your local housing market: A really good realtor will know about the available properties in their area of expertise. Aside from inventory expertise, you need to ask your real estate agent about various aspects of the community that are most significant to you, including restaurants, school ratings, shopping, the community, and other local amenities. In addition to knowing which things attract buyers the most to the area, a good agent will also understand the challenges, homeowners in the area face.
  1. Do they have a strong online presence: The best medium of word-of-mouth is social media, so the online presence of the real estate agent can describe exactly how up-to-date they are in the market and their industry connections. You can check their social profiles like facebook, twitter or linkedIn pages to see how active they are and how often they update their social media pages with useful content. The agents like Angus Reed have years of experience and a strong online presence, get connected to get your home search start today.
  1. How long they have been in the business: Knowing how experienced is the agent is always a great measuring stick. You can find out how long they’ve been in business through the licensing association. However, the agents who are new in the industry with the right work and community experience often offer a fresh perspective and enthusiasm to get the job done. Whether you choose an experienced agent or a beginner depends on your personal preference and real estate goals.
  1. Current Listing Inventory: You can easily find an agent’s listings online through various sources like their personal website, their social media pages, and sites like Simply check out their past and current listings and compare to the type of property you are looking for and explore their marketing strategy. Additionally, you can take a note of the number of listings the agents have and ask them what their typical inventory looks like.

But you need to be prepared with listing inventory questions, if you go ahead with your next step and interview the agent.

The common questions that you may ask to the agents are:

What is their specific industry area?

Do they specialize in select neighborhoods?

How long do homes typically stay on the real estate market?

Select A Realtor Wisely

There’s a lot of things to consider when you start looking for a real estate agent. Don’t just choose the one you meet first. Do your homework and research online, meet them, interview atleast 3-4 agents and pick the one who has your best interests.