Shower Mixer Taps In Your Bathroom

If you pay a little bit of attention to the type of taps available in the market, you will soon find that mixer taps are certainly surging in popularity. Used for both kitchen and bath sinks, these taps have a different appeal altogether. Be it in terms of appearance or functionality – these taps serve as a great addition to your bathroom decor.

The primary difference between the usual lever taps and mixer taps is in the functionality of course. The shower mixer taps have a single opening for both cold and hot water flow. So, what makes the mixer taps such a popular choice? Find that out in the following part.

  • Smart Styling

One of the most interesting factors about the mixer taps is their styling. Considering the demand for modern bathroom decor styles, the manufacturers have made the shower mixer taps more interesting in terms of styling.

There is an endless range of styles that are available in the market. Even if you have a bit of traditional taste, you can expect to get it as well. While the modern one has an up-down feature in the handle, the conventional one feature rotating handle.

  • Ease of Use

The second best feature of the shower mixer taps is, of course, the fact that these are easy to use. Whereas the old bathroom tapware features two different openings for the water in different temperature to fill in the sink, in these mixer taps, things work a bit differently.

These taps also fetch water of two different temperatures from a single source but, both of the flow get combined into a single stream and give you a sink or bath full of warm water. So, getting water of preferred temperature becomes easy as you install these taps in your bathroom.

  • Saves you Money

It may seem to be odd, but it is indeed the reality that you cannot miss out while choosing the perfect tapware set for your bathroom. Usually, there is a flow limiter already set with mixer taps that help you to control the flow of hot water.

Now, when the water is coming through a single flow, you are more likely to use less amount of hot water. In that way, you will be able to save a lot of money on your energy bills with the help of these mixer taps.

  • It’s a Versatile Choice

Another essential benefit that you should keep your focus on is the versatility of the mixer taps. Firstly, these mixer taps can be used for kitchen sink and showerheads. There is a mixer diverted attached to the shower mixer taps which allow you to control the water flow through the showerhead with just pulling or pushing accordingly.

If you want to strike a contrast in your bathroom decor, it is easy to mix and match these mixer taps with that of the usual taps for the bathroom. So, the versatility in its appearance and its usage stand as a great benefit.

Are you ready to refurbish your bathroom decor within a few days? Don’t miss out the installation of shower mixer taps for reaping its benefits and enjoy your bath like never before.

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