An armchair is such piece of furniture that has raise surface supported with a leg and mostly used for one person. Armchairs consist of a raised back, armrests and comfortable support. While on the other hand, ottomans are backless chairs that mostly consists of a head but no back. There are different shapes and sizes of armchairs and ottomans that are available in the market. Both armchairs, as well as ottomans, consist of padded cushioning while the major difference is in terms of back and armrests. Armchair and ottoman are both perfect seating elements that not only add colors to your lounge but also add style to it. You can choose any style or size of both the things as per your need.


There is wide range of materials in which armchairs and ottomans are available. It can be made up of wood, metal or other such materials including acrylic or stone. In some cases, multiple materials are used in the making of armchairs and ottoman like legs of the armchair can be made of metal, while its base can be made up of wood. Even in some cases, plastic is also used in making of such chairs. With the change in the quality of material, price of the chair and ottoman is also changed. A padded cushioning is added on top of most of the armchairs and ottomans. As both armchairs and ottoman are designed in order to provide comfortable seating to the users, which is the reason that cushioned padding is used.


There are various styles in which Armchair & Ottomans are available. It depends on the choice of the person that which design one selects. The styles vary from one article to another. in some of the armchairs, there are long and prominent legs while in some cases there are no legs.  While the height of backrest also varies from one chair to another. Few armchairs come up with heightened armchairs. Such armchairs can be used in offices and other formal settings. In terms of armrests also armchairs vary, few chairs consist of wide and padded armrests while other consists of small armrests and non-padded.

Similar is the case with ottoman. Few ottomans come up with full padded covering while in other cases there one single cushion on the ottomans. In both the cases, the main aim is to provide comfort to the people.


Another important element of Armchair & Ottomans is the fabric used. The fabric is used in the covering of the armchair and ottoman. Make a right selection of the fabric if you are purchasing it for the sake of rough use. While you can purchase in any material if the armchair or ottoman is only for decorative purpose. There are various prints of fabric in which armchairs and ottoman are available. Look at the prints as well as the color of the fabric that suits the other furniture of your room and select the right one.