Today, it is difficult to imagine the cleaning without the vacuum cleaner. It’s no secret that any office or a shopping mall requires a daily cleaning. It is for this purpose the manufacturers have created highly efficient industrial vacuum cleaners. These machines have only a vague resemblance to the familiar household vacuum cleaners, but far exceed them in size, durability, functionality and power. Some models of industrial vacuum cleaners are equipped with built-in steam generator, so they can combine the functions of a steam cleaner and vacuum cleaner. There are vacuum cleaners for wet or dry cleaning, or combined options. Industrial vacuum cleaners for wet and dry cleaning are designed for a continuous operation. In case you use industrial vacuum cleaners of a high quality, you don’t need to be afraid of the cleaning equipment overheating. Furthermore, they have a high capacity and at the same time are very economical. Due to the quality of vacuum cleaners, the cleaning process becomes productive and efficient.

Industrial vacuum cleaners for wet and dry cleaning can remove the wood and metal shavings, textile, coal and concrete dust, small stones, broken glass, animal hair, spilled gasoline, and many other types of contamination. These professional vacuum cleaners can cope with a different type of dirt. Not only they help to maintain the cleanness, but also protect equipment from wear and tear due to the ingress of impurities. Industrial vacuum cleaners are aimed at wet and dry cleaning in harsh conditions. They have high resistance and endurance.

Industrial_vacuum_cleanersIndustrial vacuum cleaners for wet and dry cleaning are very efficient for use in the public places. They are used in shopping malls, hotels, office buildings and many other public premises. This is convenient, since this type of vacuum cleaner has a low noise level. Furthermore, they have a high mobility. Due to the special design and materials that are used for the production of vacuum cleaners, they are able to absorb shocks without damaging the furniture. Industrial vacuum cleaners for dry cleaning are used to collect debris and dust. Vacuum cleaners with wet cleaning function – effectively collect the liquids, drying the surface.

Industrial vacuum cleaners for wet and dry cleaning have practical and stable base. They are easy to use in large rooms, and they are convenient for the staff who is directly involved in cleaning. In addition, they tend to possess the ability to install an additional filter, which is used in dry cleaning. Also, industrial vacuum cleaners come in a set with different accessories that allow you to adjust to the cleaning in hard to reach places. In addition to floor cleaning, industrial vacuum cleaners are able to remove a harmful particles from the air. It is very important for overcrowded public places. Modern hotels, shopping malls, stadiums, have long ago switched to professional cleaning equipment, in order to keep the premises clean and tidy.