Colourful Design Ideas

Sometimes, life can seem a little…well, drab. If you look around your home and get a sense of overwhelming sadness, despair, or a similar negative emotion, then it could be time to give it a makeover. Not just any makeover though – a colourful makeover! What works better to cheer somebody up than a loads of cheery colours all carefully put together in a room? Not much, except maybe ice cream! Here are 10 colourful design ideas for you to try out:

Colourful Design Ideas

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Mix and Match Different Patterns

Mix and match different patterns of your choice to create a look that’s totally unique! Spots and stripes, florals and geometric patterns, even a similar pattern with a similar pattern that’s not quite the same, like big floral and little floral.

Combine Bold With Neutral

Choose your favourite bold colours to go with more neutral colours, so you create a room that isn’t too energetic or stimulating. Bright pinks paired with dark browns and turquoise works really well!

Choose Subtle Patterns

If you like patterns but want to make a more subtle statement, thin vertical stripes in different colours look great! This is especially good for a boxy room as it’ll make it look larger.

Experiment in The Bedroom

The bedroom is usually the room in the house that doesn’t get visited as much by guests, so why not make a statement in there and experiment with different colours and patterns? Try colour combinations that you wouldn’t usually try, such as grey and yellow!

Mix Mono and Bold

If you like a bold ‘lipstick’ style colour, mix with monotones to avoid it looking too girly. You’ll have a sophisticated but colourful room to be proud of! Go for plain accessories or geometric patterns rather than floral, to funk it up a bit too!

Go Dusty

By choosing colours in dusty, smoky pastels you can create a room that’s vibrant but very ‘boho’ and not too girly.

Bright But Traditional

If you fancy giving your room a bright makeover but want to keep it traditional, we’ve got just the idea for you. Paint a patchwork effect on the wall using up to 3 different colours, but use white as a base colour in accessories and other things so keep the place looking fresh.

Match The Walls

Continue the colour you’ve chosen for your walls through the rest of the room for a look that’s bold and daring! Make sure you choose cushions and accessories with patterns on though, so you can break everything up a bit. Try The Painted Bird to find yours!

Add Deep Colours

Deep pinks and purples go amazingly well with dark wood finishes, and will keep your room looking sophisticated without being too feminine.

Stay Cool

Blues and greens are very soothing and create a very tranquil, restful area. Warm wood in the floors will make the area look even more comforting!

Now you can brighten up your home easily using one of the techniques above. Have fun with it!