Home Entertainment

When it comes to home entertainment there are few restrictions if you have a good broadband connection. Quality varies by region but, on the whole most homes in the UK can get a service that provides them with a quick broadband service capable of giving them access to the internet and the extra facilities that can work in conjunction.

Years ago there were video and 8 tracks available for rent or purchase. Subsequently the home entertainment market grew with video games and films. The internet has taken over and now the latest films, games and programmes can be ‘broadcast’ via a broadband connection into homes everywhere.

YouView gives more choice for your TV viewing

Home Entertainment

Most of the satellite, cable and digital channels are available as a ‘catch up’ service and the various operators will provide you with the necessary equipment. You can also buy set top boxes that allow you access to these services. If you’re not sure if your broadband speed will be fast enough to make the most of this service, contact your broadband provider.

If this is something you haven’t considered before, a broadband provider will be happy to look at where you live and confirm that you have the local coverage needed. There is a minimum broadband speed recommended, 3.0Mb/s, and your broadband provider will be able to tell you what speed you receive.

Spoilt for choice?

Once you buy into the idea you will be able to get anything from the previous 7 days from a number of television channels as well as access a whole library of films, everything from old classics to the most up to date releases.

Much of what you can see is free, other films require payment; it is entirely up to you what you want to watch and the whole thing will be fully explained before you need to proceed.

The whole idea is expanding all the time. The digital channels on YouView give you far more choice for free than you have ever had. You can get an idea online about the channels that are available but they come from several different genres, everything from light entertainment to music, news, documentary, and sport; something for everyone.

Stay at home?

There are a number of news services that can give a different perspective on the day’s headlines. For example you may be happy with the BBC but want to see and hear what Sky, Al Jazeera and Russia Today have to say on the same topics. You can read their websites online but you can now see how each presents the news.

You may find it difficult to look at too much news before the kids’ bed time because they will be keen to watch programmes specific to them. The days of children’s television limited to early evening have long gone but there is time enough for everyone to see their favourites.

Television has evolved into a constant companion where you can find a plethora of entertainment, sports and news. The latest services mean that you can view when it suits you. The world is brought into your living room whether it’s watching extreme sports, keeping up with the soaps, or following your favourite team across the world.