Installing your garage door

For many do it yourselfers, finding the right tools and instructions are of the utmost importance. Today, there are instructions for all kinds of projects including installing your own garage door. Of course, garage doors are not easy to install and if you are not prepared to work with the high pressure springs and other intricate components, it is always best to hire a professional.

The very first thing you must do is remove the old garage door. In most cases, the manufacturer of the old one offers detailed instructions but if not, all you usually have to do is unlatch the door from the pulley system and then remove the panels of the doors and unscrew the tracks. Always remember to remove one panel before trying to do another one or they could fall and cause an injury to yourself or others that are helping with the installation.

Before you begin installation, it is important to measure all of the areas where you will be installing the new door which includes the back room, headroom, and the opening of the door. When you measure the headroom, make sure you have ten to twelve inches according to the type of spring system you will install with your new door. The back room needs around eighteen inches of space.

Once you have your measurements, place stops on the sides of the opening and ensure that they are completely flush with the interior door jam. Add weather stripping if necessary to the bottom part of the garage door. Once you have the weather stripping in place, you should then attach the lift handles and the hinges to the door.

Installing your garage door

Place the bottom part of the garage door into the frame and ensure you have it level. After you have in perfectly in place, just place the nails into the jam a tad bit. Be sure to bend the nails just a bit to make sure they will remain in place. Read the manufacturer’s instructions on assembling the various pieces of track and then set them aside.

After you have placed the first panel, you will now install the next one on top of the first. Add nails to the jam to ensure they hold in place. Now install the hinges. Do each panel in the same manner and anchor each one to the door jam.

After you have all the panels in place and secured, it is time to add the rollers. Place the rollers in the appropriate section in the assembled track and place the brackets in place to secure the rollers. Do not press the rollers too tightly or it may damage the door.

With the tracks in place, you can now install the other pieces. Make sure the tracks are completely straight so you do not have problems with your door. They should point away from the door at a 90 degree angle.

Now, comes the hard part. Assemble the springs per the instructions. Lift the door half way and ensure that all is level then attach the springs to the pulley system. It is best to have a helper when installing springs as they are under pressure and dangerous to install.

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