With the fast-growing global population, more homes tend to have less space allotted for gardens. This has promoted the shift towards vertical gardens in place of spacious, horizontal ones.Building your own vertical garden at home has several benefits. Here we list how a vertical garden can instantly transform your home.

  • Creates character to your plain wall.

So many properties have ugly plain walls that are hard to grow real plants as they suffer from low light levels.  Artificial green walls by Vistagreen have solved the problem. They are easy to install. The  combination of the foliage looks so life like , that its hard to see the difference. The panels are both lightweight so add no weight issues to the wall. They can be customised on site allowing the home owner to make the final design look unique. The vertical garden solution has individual plants designed by the British horticulturalist Paul Alder who carefully chosen every single plant to mimic the natural look into the artificial garden. So many modern properties have plain congregate or stone facades and adding any type of greenery whether artificial real changes the character of the building making them warm and inviting.

  • Expands Your Green Space

 The urban greening revolution has taken hold in the US. Real green walls provide great health benefits, but so do artificial green walls . The artificial green walls instantly change the feel of the space and you get the same emotional reaction as if you were looking at real plants. The beautiful; green tones and shapes instantly  relax you.

Helps sell your property.

Surprisingly green walls help sell your properties . Just like a well landscaped garden green walls add to the feel of the property and it is a proven fact that a good garden and landscaping helps to sell you house. Green walls are no different. They stimulate the sense and makes you have a connection with environment.

  • Trick your senses

If you have an internal courtyard  with absolutely no greenery then theres nothing to stimulate the senses . In fact it only reinforces you are in a building and your mind has no real reference to the outside world. Just installing a green wall completely changes this and its as if you were in the natural environment of a park or garden . Your senses are tricked into believing that its all real and you have the same emotional feelings.

  • Provides Health Benefits

Numerous studies have determined that a person’s exposure to nature earned several benefits for his health and well-being. Some of these include reduction in fatigue, physiological, and psychological stress as well as mental restoration. The presence of colour  from artificial plants also enhances one’s ability to re-focus attention and perform cognitive tasks. It also gives one a more positive mood. These health benefits are brought about by a pleasant environment. Indoor vertical gardens improve

Final Thoughts

Building a vertical garden wall inside or outside our home provides a lot of benefits. You can design it on your own or seek professional help. The benefits  of artificial plants can’t be under estimated .