Have you ever felt as though your heater wasn’t strong enough to keep your house warm all winter? Have you thought that there might be a problem with your HVAC system? In the summer, does it ever feel as though you can’t seem to keep your house cool no matter how low your air conditioner is set to?

Well, before you pay a fortune to get your HVAC system fixed, you should definitely think about the fact that your HVAC might not actually be the problem. In fact, you might have an insulation problem.

How Insulation Works

Insulation is designed to keep heat in but it’s also designed to protect against heat, depending on what kind of temperature control you need. If you are heating your house in the winter, insulation prevents the heat from escaping your home. If you’re cooling your house during the summer, insulation prevents the cold air from leaving your home.

Homes with better insulation are able to use their temperature control more efficiently, which means that if you have great insulation, you’ll reduce your heating and cooling costs simultaneously.

Insulate Your Windows

Believe it or not, if your windows aren’t insulated, you could lose a lot of your temperature control. When it’s hot outside, warmth from the sun can easily get into your home. When it’s cold outside, the warmth will be likely to escape through your windows. When you get Leicester double glazing, however, you can expect a radical improvement in your home’s insulation.

Glazed windows are thicker than non-glazed windows, which means that you’ll be more likely to keep the heat out when running your air conditioner. You’ll need to invest in window insulation but you’ll be surprised to learn how much money you can save by creating more insulation in your home, simply because you’ll be able to control the temperature much more.