Being a landlord can be an easy way to turn a nice profit if you’re able to handle the responsibility. The decision to become a landlord should not be taken lightly, but once it is decided upon and research has been done, you may find you need some financial assistance getting started. That’s where cash-out refinancing comes into play. Cash-out refinances serve as a second mortgage replacing your first. When you get a cash-out refinance, they recalculate your mortgage based on what you still owe and the amount of cash to which you want access.

What are the benefits of getting cash-out refinancing on your home

After all is said and done with your cash-out refinancing, you walk away with renegotiated (and potentially better) mortgage terms and cash in hand. This cash can help you put money towards an investment property and, hopefully, will help you turn a nice profit.

What you should know first

The first thing you should know before getting into all of this are the responsibilities of a landlord. It can be challenging and hard work being a landlord; you want to make sure you’re prepared. Next you should know your credit score as well as the risks you are taking. Basically, you’re going to be using the money from tenants’ rent to pay off the mortgage. Once the mortgage is paid, then you’ll start seeing profits. This becomes risky due to the potential irresponsibility of your tenants. For you to make your payment in time, they have to make theirs on time, so keep that in mind before embarking on this endeavor.

The different things you could do with this property

Purchasing a property to lease is a wise way to spend the money from your cash-out refinance, but where should you purchase a property and is long-term leasing your only option for turning a profit? Minnesota is a great and up-and-coming place to purchase an investment property. Highly traveled areas could also be good and, rather than renting out the home, you could use it as a condo tourists could rent out on vacation or use it as an AirBNB location. There are lots of options for how you can use an investment property to your advantage.

Using a cash-out refinance to purchase an investment property can be a terrific and wise financial decision. Before undertaking this endeavor, you should make sure you are fully versed on all the legal responsibilities and roles of a landlord and consider all your options for the property. Renting out a property purchased through a cash-out refinance can be risky, especially with unreliable tenants, but it is possible to pay back your loan and even turn a profit.