Whether you’re looking for Ipe decking wood or any hardwood materials for your decking project, visit no other than Ipe Decking USA. More and more people, as well as companies, choose us. Why? We have the necessary information about decking, we are knowledgeable on Ipe wood, we offer deck accessories, and we have overstocked items for all your needs. Awesome, isn’t it?

Ipe Decking Online Order

We at Ipe Decking USA only provide the most durable and high-quality Brazilian hardwood materials for decking, siding, fencing, and any other projects. Rest assured that your visit to our site will be worthwhile with our friendly and very accommodating customer service team. You are in the right hub in getting your materials anywhere in the US with our extensive number of shipping terminals. We even guarantee you that our products are at their cheapest price tags, which is why many of our customers become our repeat clients.

We carry the name Ipe in our corporate image since it is considered as the most distinguished among the hardwood decking materials around the world. We highly recommend Ipe wood for its durability, quality, and worthy perspective. We commit ourselves to only provide you with the most quality lumber.

What We Can Offer

Expect to receive the following from us:

  • Fast order shipment
  • Responsible wood sourcing
  • Best wood price
  • Natural scratch, slip, fungi and mold resistance
  • Strongest woods in the world
  • Lasting Ipe decking
  • Customer-based board milling
  • Direct sales from our US-based warehouse
  • Most suitable wood materials for commercial and residential applications
  • Used along with the hidden fastener system
  • Customer-friendly staff who will not intimidate customers from buying
  • Potential milling of wood to any measurement you would want
  • Great for pools and docks since the wood is dense and it prevents water penetration
  • Top quality wood that surpasses the FAS rating
  • Great for outdoor application
  • One of the world’s hardest woods
  • Extremely natural dense making splinters almost non-existent
  • Only requires little maintenance; even zero maintenance should you prefer it in grey
  • Not prone to infestation because it is extremely dense
  • Ipe wood is regarded as the most durable wood as it can last for 75 years and more.

Our Primary Products

Take a look at our products for proper guidance:

  1. CAMO Universal Deck Clips (900 ct) – This product is specially developed for the Ipe hidden clip system and with the other wood types. It works for grooved deck boards and can be installed easily and quickly.
  2. CAMO Edge Deck Fastening System – The system can be easily installed with the use of a specifically designed screw without pre-drilling.
  3. Ipe, Brazilian Walnut, and Ironwood – All these woods are culled substandard boards before they are shipped to customers.

Visit our official website or call us for your next Ipe decking project and we will go an extra mile to attend to your needs.