Though many of us like to perform DIY in our homes when it comes to repair and maintenance, there are just some jobs that should be left to the certified professionals. If you have any rewiring that needs to be done, light fixtures to be fitted, or another electrical work, then calling an electrician is really the only way to get it done. Some people try to perform the electrical work themselves and face serious injury—or even death—if not done correctly. Furthermore, a poor job can lead to faulty wiring that can short-circuit, damage other appliances in the home, or even cause a fire.

How to Find a Reputable Electrician

There are many electricians around, including electricians in Tyne and Wear, but if you want a crucial job done in your home or business, how do you decide on the best electrician for the work? Consider the following brief checklist of qualities you should definitely look for in a reliable and reputable electrician:

  • Experience: There are many electricians just starting out and offering low prices, but if you need something vital done, it’s best to call an electrician with at least over a decade of experience in both commercial and domestic installations. This is the kind of on-the-job experience that just cannot be bought, and means the electrician is experienced and is more likely to be able to handle the work you want done.
  • Certifications: An electrician who has the relevant qualifications and certifications, including NIC EIC Approved Contractor and Domestic Installer status, is a wise choice.
  • No job too small: Some large electrical companies and contractors are only interested in bigger jobs or commercial work. Look for an electrician who can handle any size of job, and is more interested in getting the work done well than in the profits to be made.

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