Did you know that the most expensive pair of shoes ever sold fetched a whopping $660,000! This was for the famed “ruby red slippers” from the iconic tale of the Wizard of Oz, which quite deservingly fetched this huge amount at a shoe auction held in 2000! Most of us like spending on classy, branded and, most importantly, comfortable footwear! If you have just brought home an expensive pair recently, it would be prudent to pick up some vital shoe maintenance and storage tips for keeping them new for the longest time. What kind of pampering do they need? Would you need to invest in a new shoe rack for proper storage?

Maintaining your Coveted Pair of Footwear: Some Essential Measures

Believe it or not, caring for your expensive footwear is indeed simple. Here are the three most basic measures to adhere to:

  • Protect Before Using: Once you inspect your footwear before usage, you will find that their soles are made of very thin leather. This means that the bottoms will inevitably start to thin and scrape off after a few initial wears. In order to prevent this from happening, you need to add a thin rubber sole to your footwear. All you need to do is to take them to a local shoemaker who will be able to attach a sole in minutes. Matching sole colors are easily available too. In addition, if your shoes have tall and penciled heels, you will need soft and cushiony heel caps for preventing wear out. Once you are done with this, not only do you save your shoes from unwarranted damage, but also enhance your wearing comfort.
  • Invest in a Conditioner: Well, your expensive leather shoes need regular conditioning. Leather tends to lose moisture and develop unsightly cracks with time. You can consider investing in a good quality, branded shoe conditioner. Also, keep a soft brush handy. Begin by brushing away the accumulated dirt gently with the brush. You may also use a soft, dry cloth or some paper towels for the same. Take a small amount of conditioner and rub it on the shoe. Now wait from a few moments to allow the leather to absorb it well. Finish by wiping off the surplus from the shoe surface. You need to repeat this process once every couple of days for keeping the leather texture soft and lustrous. Leather conditioners are hardly expensive and one bottle would last long enough.
  • Opt for the Right Storage: How you keep your shoes and where you store those matter immensely. Using the wrong kind of shoe rack or simply keeping them lying around just about anywhere could cause scratching, fading and more serious kinds of damage. If you do not have much available space, consider looking for a portable and foldable wardrobe shoe rack online. These are light and handy and can be stacked away easily. If you have the available space, you can buy a shoe rack online that is water and dust proof, sporting a wardrobe like structure. Wrapping your coveted pair in linen bags before placing them in the shoe rack also helps in locking the moisture. Remember, never cramp up your shoe storage wardrobe with more pairs than it can hold. Line them up neatly in pairs and place them on the rack with an inch of space between each.

If it’s a leather boot or a pump, stuffing them up with some butter paper will also help keeping them in the right shape. This is especially important if you are stacking them away for a long period of time.