For as long as there have been windows, people have been devising different ways to cover them. In many cultures all around the world, different types of blinds were developed independently of each other. One of the most common types of blinds is the Roman blind. They were supposedly invented in ancient Rome. While it’s not known if that’s true, they were definitely popular in ancient Rome.

Roman Blinds

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  • Roman blinds are typically made of fabric.
  • They raise and lower vertically but they differ from Venetian blinds in that they are not made of individual slats.
  • Roman blinds are typically made of a single piece of fabric that raises and lowers, bunching at the top when you open them.
  • They are very popular because they are incredibly resilient and incredibly simple.
  • Roman blinds can accommodate just about every size of window and can be sized to match just about any window.


When you are looking at different blinds, you’ll have several different options. The biggest choice will be between opaque and semi-transparent blinds. Thinner materials and lighter colours will be less opaque. They will cut down on most light but not all of it. That’s great if you want to have a bright room but want to eliminate glare and direct sunlight. A completely opaque blind will cut the light completely. That is a great choice for bedrooms or living rooms. You should ask about which blinds are right for your rooms.


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