backyard swimming pool

backyard swimming pool

Having Swimming pool in your own backyard offers many pleasures: the possibility of refreshing in cold water on hot summer days, to organize afternoon and evening parties with a good company and many more.

Selecting a pool will depend on the size of the available space in the yard, the desired design and shape, and financial resources you are willing to invest. Overall impression should be incorporated into the interior design of the house and the environment, whether it is a modern, rustic or another style.

You need to take into account the amount of shade, light, space and the direction of the area you are going to landscape.

The quality of installation, as well as additional facilities such as hydro massage jets, will complement the atmosphere moments spent in the pool.

The shape of the pool, the size and depth, will define the way and possibilities of its use. Your pool can be for kids, for recreation and swimming.

Rounded pools, such as circular, elliptical or organic shapes are suitable for children and recreational swimming pools while the rectangular shaped and once with greater depth are recommended for swimming.

You also need to consider using shade sails as a way of providing a canopy of shade away from the hot sun.

These are available in a range of vibrant colours and can be made to measure for any size pool area.

You can find a shade sail colour chart here as a starting point.

High quality and properly installed overflow basins will enable the smooth flow of water that crosses the edge of the pool and its filtration.

Lighting of the pool and surrounding area will affect the overall impression. Play of light, water, and flashes selected ceramic cladding, will create a special atmosphere and ambiance.

Swimming, relaxing on a deck chair, hanging out with your partner or friends will be in higher quality with attractive light effects.

Therefore, special attention should be given to the lighting of the pool. A romantic atmosphere will be a real treat, after all the day’s activities.

In addition to installation, make sure to make also an attractive environment and surrounding. Trees, various plants, paving the way around the swimming pool, deck chairs and shade sails, canopies will give the overall impression.

Take a look at Houzz. It’s a great way to get ideas.

Decorating style can be customized to your own taste, not fashion trends because your experience and taste and style are important in this area. When choosing materials for paving paths around the pool, be sure to select the anti-skid materials to prevent the possibility of injury on a wet surface.

Around the pool are always some flowerpots with trees and flowers (select larger ones, ideally the same color as the outer wall of the pool or tile).

To the part closest to the pool terrace set a simple chest of drawers in which you will be able to dispose of towels, bathrobes, candles.

The color and material should be in accordance with the external walls of the house for greater elegance and sophisticated look. This also applies to seating, umbrellas, tablecloths and other details on the terrace and the backyard. Beside the pool there should be also small benches where you can dispose clothes or dress up after the bath, or simply take a rest after the swimming.

Paving the area around the pool is proposed to use tile neutral hues that will emphasize the blue color of the water of the swimming pool in the foreground. White and cream colors on the tiles with the rough texture of stone are commonly used shades. Also, matt tiles with anti-slip surface in the texture of wood can be an interesting solution as well as a large sail or shade cloth over the lounging area.

Lighting and Water

The best idea for the ones that are using the swimming pool as a part of the backyard for a better look and attractive style of their backyard then they should definitely try some elegant decorative and design idea for their pool landscape in the backyard.

The elegance can be achieved by including different lighting effects and waterfalls are an unavoidable thing for making the atmosphere more dramatic. With including these things in and around your swimming pool, we assure you that all of your friends will be blown away when they take a step in your backyard and see the elegant and dramatic overall look of your pool landscape.

Implementing these two, waterfalls and lighting will make your swimming pool and all the surrounding looks wonderful, both through day and night.

If you like the sound and feel of the running and moving water then you should definitely consider incorporating a waterfall in your backyard.

The sound of the waterfalls will make you feel the power of the water and over the night the lights will just put even more magic on the all entertainment area and will add excitement.

Plants and Shrubs

Every backyard looks better and more beautiful when there is present the green color. And what is better than the trees and bushes. If you are the nature lover person this is the right idea for your backyard and pool landscape.

A peaceful oasis fulfilled with palm trees and flower. A waterfall here, in this style, can also contribute to the atmosphere. With palm trees and waterfalls you can make a beach on     the island in your backyard.

This tropical charm to your pool landscape will make you feel the heat and sun in the most wonderful way.

Also in this oasis of your you can put other tropical plants and large leafed plants natural stones used for making a wall or even waterfall or fountain, colorful vines and of course a comfortable seating option made from bamboos in light color and wood material with some warm color pillows will make your own paradise the most enjoyable place.

Comfortable Furniture

A simple thing is sometimes the best thing. Most of the people enjoy relaxing around the pool in their backyards. They want calm and relaxing atmosphere without any noise and crowd.

All they want is a peaceful backyard. Naturally shaped lounging pool surrounding is the best for this type of people.

Comfortable lounge chairs will make the backyard a private resort of their own and will accomplish their goal to relax and calm. With the addition of the rock gardens nearby and trees and bushes, both colorful flowers in beautiful ceramic flower pots will give all the natural relief of your backyard.

To the natural look also will contribute the boulders and stones, the deep blue water of some rock fountain.

Pool Side Fire Places

If you want to enjoy a nice weekend or free day at your backyard with your friends and family then a nice fireplace near the pool is ideal for you. Fireplaces made in the natural look stones and a nice sitting set of wooden table and chairs will contribute even more.

This poolside fireplace can also be used even when the colder weather comes. Imagine the evening near the fire and a great look at the breathtaking blue water in your swimming pool – a view to die for.

A great sunny day at the swimming pool can end at the very best grill zone near your pool in the backyard. This option for design the pool landscape is combining the swimming and outdoor entertainment.

Here you can include an outdoors small kitchen, built in seating area, relaxing and comfortable sitting furniture made of wood and other natural materials in light colors. A lot of trees and garden plants will make even more the whole atmosphere cozy and relaxing.