There are many reasons why a family may elect to have a kitchen remodel done. One of the reasons could be that the dynamics of home life has changed. Today, with both the husband and wife working and the kids involved in soccer, debate, and choir practice, the family meal is one of the few opportunities for the modern family to bond together.

Consequently, a warm and inviting kitchen can be more important than ever before. Unfortunately, many homes, especially those designed in the 50s and 60s, had kitchens that were designed for functionality, not warm and positive feelings. Because of this, a great trend toward remodeling has begun.

 Modern Kitchen Remodeling Trends 

In the past, kitchens were primarily white with tiled floors and centered around a kitchen table. Today, that kitchen table has been replaced with granite, marble or quartz countertops, bright chairs to add contrast, and although white is still a popular base color, many families opt to have dark kitchen cabinets, copper, or dark splash guards, hardwood floors, and aluminum kitchen appliances.

The trend is for brightness and a sense of easy breathing and relaxation. In order to get that look, some invest up to $35,000 for a kitchen remodel, but few who have had a remodel regret it. If you are tired of living in an outdated kitchen, consider a New England kitchen remodel that Rhode Island and Massachusetts residents have enjoyed. Kitchen & Countertop Center of New England features twenty recent home remodeling projects on their website. This site gives you many ideas on how to design your own kitchen remodel.

 Other Kitchen Trends 

Another great site for kitchen remodel ideas is, with articles such as “Kitchens That Make a Statement.” Metalaqua suggests remodelers consider adding a waterfall edge to their countertop, essentially draping the quartz or granite all the way to the floor. They also suggest, at a minimum, to redo the floor with tile, but adds that many modern kitchens are now going for a wood-floor look.

There are many other popular elements of an inviting kitchen.

  • There is a trend toward installing a lot of windows in kitchens, making them seem brighter as well as refreshing.
  • Modern lighting elements can do wonders to brighten a kitchen.
  • Either black or muted colored cabinets are in. Wood stained cabinets are out.
  • Contemporary, modern seating around a quartz or granite tabletop are now standard, often with contrasting colors.
  • If you are going with an all-white scheme, consider something contemporary to set it off like a cathedral ceiling.
  • Two islands are popular. You have one for eating and one for cooking and food prep. This makes a unique statement.
  • Another creative idea is to eliminate overhead cabinets and store things underneath the kitchen island. This makes for a totally sleek look.
  • Modern industrial, combining natural wood with stainless steel is popular.
  • Another idea is to have both an island for seating as well as a separate breakfast nook.
  • A massive, L-shaped island, combining eating, cooking prep and a sink is another clever idea.
  • Consider changing the shape of your kitchen island. Nothing says your countertop must be rectangular. If you have minimal kitchen space, an island can be tailored to the specifications of the space in the kitchen.

 Other Considerations 

Realize, first of all, that you will most likely not recapture your investment in a remodel if you sell your home. Estimates by experts are that you recapture only around sixty percent of a kitchen remodel expense. Nevertheless, real estate agents will tell you that a modern kitchen is one of the biggest selling points when offering a home for sale. Women, who make up the biggest decision makers when buying a home, simply love the fact that a kitchen is a modern place to make memories with their own families.

In the meantime, particularly if you have lived in the house for a number of years, consider taking the remodeling step where your kitchen is concerned. You will have a vibrant new area in your home where you and your family can congregate and make memories of your own.

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