Just like the clothing style and other things in our lives, roofing is also affected by the trends. You need to keep yourself aware and updated to be able to follow the trends and enjoy their benefits. However, you must ensure that the trends you are following are effective and long-lasting as well.

Here are a few latest roofing trends mentioned to enlighten you.

  • Solar Panel

A solar panel is quite popular and trending nowadays. However, it exists in different forms, styles, and designs, so you need to pick the one which is best suited to your needs and surrounding conditions. This roofing option came into existence by getting inspired by the green movement.

At the start, it was mostly considered to be unattractive due to its limited design options. But now you can get the elegant and exuberant versions of solar panels installed in your home. It won’t only help increase the curb appeal of your home but also reduce your utility bills and energy consumption.

  • Green Roof

The latest technology has helped improve the quality of your environment by introducing green roof to the people. Nowadays, it is considered that if you are concerned about your environment, you would have a layer of plants and vegetations on the top of your home. It also involves other layers like a waterproof membrane, soil, and protective fabric.

In addition to having a beneficial influence on the surrounding environment, it also adds to the beauty of your home. Moreover, it is quite easy to install which enables you to protect your family by spending less money, time, and energy.

  • Cool Roof

Since we are aware of the reflective properties of different colors, same is the case with a cool roof. The manufacturers have used this idea to introduce such beneficial roofing system in the market. It helps keep your home cooler by reflecting the sunlight.

The use of lighter color, white glue, and reflective paints help it serves the purpose. As a result, the need and usage of air conditioners also get reduced. It can save a lot of your dollars in the long run.

  • Metal Roof

Metal has become really popular in the past few years due to its longevity and durability. It can also easily withstand extreme weather challenges like snow, hail, winds, ice, and so many more. You can get it installed in the form of shingles or panels easily by hiring any of the renowned professional roofing contractors Ann Arbor. Moreover, it also requires less maintenance which makes it the most favorite roofing system for most of the homeowners. As a bonus, it also reflects sunlight to help reduce your bills and consumption.

  • Glass Roof

Glass roof is also trending because of its immense benefits. It is usually considered for the skylights but you can get it installed throughout your home.

However, it is important to provide it with support by adding metal frames which are covered in wood. It would help maintain the structural longevity of your home.


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