If you want to improve the landscape around your property, you should definitely think about laying down a new turf. A new turf can greatly improve the aesthetic appeal of your house and make the garden more attractive. If you are unable to grow grass in your garden, laying down a turf is a fantastic idea. There are several types of turfs that you can choose from, such as:

  • Top soil
  • Golf turfs
  • Artificial grass

Laying down a new turf on your property may take a bit of time so it’s important that you prepare for it beforehand. There are a variety of different factors that you must keep in mind when you contact an affordable turf supplier in Lichfield. Here are some simple tips that you should keep in mind when negotiating with a turf supplier.

Measuring the Area

The most important step is to measure the area in the garden where the turf will be installed. When you contact a company that offers turf installation services, they will send an employee to your place in order to measure the area and give you a quote for the installation.


You should know that there are several varieties of turfs that you can choose from. It’s important that you ask the company to show you different types of turfs and then make your decision accordingly. You can always negotiate with the turf supplier to get the price reduced slightly before you confirm the deal.



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