lighting decoration

There are a number of types of light fixtures such as lamps and lanterns available but the type of light that can be produced also varies. Different type and varied amount of light can change the complete ambience of a room while it can effectively be played around to create moods or highlight certain objects. To be able to do this properly you need to learn about the lighting types that are available:

lighting decoration

  • Ambient Lighting

Ambient light is low key lighting that doesn’t come from a specific direction but bounces around the room causing a glow. Overall it creates a dim effect and is great for interior because creation of shadow is minimal while it gives off a sensuous feel. Apply dimmer to normal lights or purchase some fixtures with hidden bulbs, paper lanterns do a great job for outdoors.

  • Accent Lighting

Being the opposite of ambient lighting this is direct lighting with spot light being the best example. It should be installed on top areas you want to highlight such as a canvas print family portrait or above a shelf with prized trophies. For a modern and class look it also looks great inside kitchen cabinets.

  • Task Lighting

Any light used to perform a task is known as task lighting and sometimes even referred to as office lighting since it’s used to illuminate office areas. Desk lamps are very important tasks lights used daily for reading or studying purposes while lighting above the stove or extra illumination for makeup etc. are some popular task lights. They need to be sharp so makeup flaws can easily be visible or any lump in your food can be spotted but they have to be glare free.

  • Aesthetic Lighting

Imagine glow sticks, dancing disco lights or an image created purely out of light. Light on its own, other than using a fixture can be used for decoration purposes while any light that highlights the decor such as pictures to canvas or an oil painting is also aesthetic. For a funky touch to a bedroom or porch neon lights can be installed.

  • Natural Lighting

Any other light from bulbs is natural light such as sunrays, fire or candlelight and each of these have a distinguished beauty of their own. At different timings the light from the sun differs to create different effects while using different types of candles can slightly alter the illumination they bring. Light from the of course can’t be used everyday but it gives a warm touch to any traditional fireplace in winters.

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