Those pesky insects can annoying at times as you well know, and also unsanitary, especially inside of our homes. These uninvited critters definitely enjoy any scraps of food they can get their grubby little hands on, and due to them not washing their hands before eating, they can therefore leave behind them a trail of bacteria for us to dine on.

However, there some methods which can help us in radically reducing the amount of insects entering into our home. In fact the elimination of insects in Australia, like houseflies, can be easily affordable and fully natural, minus any risks to our beautiful children, pets and food.

Good Old Fashioned Screens

  • If you wish to eradicate unwanted flies from your home, you can start by keeping the home as clean as possible.
  • Then try using oils of orange, clove, lemongrass, eucalyptus or basil in your house cleaning, due to them deterring flies.
  • Ensure that surfaces have been wiped down and dry, and cover plates of fruit or bread with a simple food cover.
  • Consider installing top quality and affordable fly screens in Melbourne so that your home can be aired without letting any insects inside.


  • You can also try to repel insects in other various ways.
  • Flies hate the smell of cloves, so put out some oranges or apples studded with cloves.
  • These will both smell divine and at the same time look decorative, plus rid the home of houseflies by making your house as a place they just don’t want to hang out in.
  • Flies also dislike basil, so if possible planting some in window boxes or grow a patch of basil near the front door to repel them.
  • If using cloves, growing or taking care of basil plants isn’t really your kind of thing, just go with the screens!

Sticky Business

  • Occasionally, even when using such measures, you may still get insect intrusions, especially when it is cold outside or if you have lots of aromatic tasty morsels around your home.
  • You can try catching flies with traditional sticky flypaper.
  • This sticky paper has been covered with an attractant and flies cannot help themselves flying on to it and becoming stuck.
  • Some sticky paper has fly poison on it so that the flies perish there are then rather than starve to death on the flypaper.
  • It is not too hard to make your own cheap and non-toxic fly trap with a narrow necked bottle or jar with a hole in the lid.
  • Put a sweet bait inside, like sugar water or sweets.
  • Before long flies will begin to crawl in, but not escape.

Insect Eating Plants

You can try using some carnivorous plants! A number of these are actually quite interesting to look at and will always be something to talk about when you have family or friends over. These will effectively help at ridding insects from your home!

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