As a locksmith, you’ll generally find that the majority of your work comes from those in need of emergency repairs or those on a quick turnaround. From burglaries to lost keys, there’s a multitude of reasons why the public need to call on the services of a locksmith, however one thing which is becoming increasingly common is locksmiths unable to service the needs of potential clients and customers who need uPVc repairs carrying out! For one reason or another, many locksmiths who trained back in the days when all households were fitted with wooden doors have failed to keep their skills updated and are simply not able to tackle jobs involving uPVC doors.


What surprises us is just how many locksmiths across the UK still appear to be unable to competently carry out uPVC repairs! Surely, given that most locksmiths are self employed or part of very small local businesses with only a relatively small target market, you would think they’d be keen keep their skills at the very latest of developments and ensure that, whatever the work, they’re able to tackle all jobs offered quickly, efficiently and competently. It seems, however that this isn’t necessarily the case of locksmiths with many still seemingly in the dark ages!

uPVC is now commonplace for doors and windows across the UK and further afield, with the main reason for the surge in popularity over recent years being due to the increased level of security offered when compared with traditional wooden doors and windows. With burglaries on the decline, at least through forced entries, this can somewhat be attributed to the fact that most homes are now fitted with uPVC doors which utilise multi point locks rather than single point or Yale locks. Of course, this doesn’t mean there isn’t uPVC work available for locksmiths and as far as we are concerned, every single locksmith should be competent at repairs on this type of door!

In terms of locksmiths who aren’t currently competent at uPVC bringing their skills up to date, you’ll be pleased to know that it’s possible to do so in just a one day course in many instances! Training providers such as www.mpl-locksmith-training.co.uk offer a wealth of different options when it comes to both training from scratch for those currently looking to enter the world of locksmithing and those looking to top up and advance their skills with courses being run which last from just one day up to a full week.

For those looking to become competent at handling uPVC repairs, a one day specialist uPVC course should be plenty long enough and ensure that, at the end of the day, it’s no longer a case of telling potential customers that you unfortunately arent able to take on the job they’re offering due to not having the right skills.

For a day of time and a minimal cost, the doors (no pun intended) which being able to handle uPVC work can open are huge and, as far as we are concerned, the sooner you can get yourself booked onto a course, the better!