Living in South West London can be very expensive. It’s likely you’ll know already how much house prices are in the area, whether you have bought recently or lived within the SW London home for several years.

Just by putting a postcode into a Land Registry website and enquiring what the average house price is going for at the moment in your street can take less than five minutes. And South West residents in London will be all too aware how space is at a premium.

The limited space in this region means there are several residents considering loft conversions.  A loft conversion is where unused space in the loft area is converted into living space, bedrooms, window installations and carpeting which will radically alter your property without the need to expand at ground level.

A loft conversion allows the homeowner to expand the size of the living quarters within a home, create extra (bed) rooms, maintain the green space, as there’ll be no need to build extensions and it will add value to your property.

Loft conversions are also ideal for expanding families and SW London is an area where there is a growing population and a need to utilize unused areas of our properties. One of the things you’ll need to anticipate before a loft conversion can begin is the disruption factor. By day, builders will be using the entire top half of your home to make the conversion good. And firms like Surrey Lofts – which specialise in loft conversions in the SW London region – will tell you that they have agreed working windows with families that continue to live within the property during renovation.

It can deliver the perfect loft conversion construction in the quickest of times, and with the very minimum of disruption. Being a family run business, Surrey Lofts can cover not only the London region but also loft conversions in Hampshire, Berkshire and right across South London too.

The Planning Stage of a Loft Conversion

This is where it all starts with you: it is you, the homeowner, which must decide what all that space in the loft could be used for. Some go for extra bedrooms, others will have a bedroom and a study where they could run a home-based business from.

The second phase is the survey – which can be carried out by firms such as Surrey Lofts – and this advice will determine if your loft dream is feasible and once all that is agreed, the architectural work begins. The final stage is the actual work and loft construction.