Culinary herbs are the secret ingredient to any budding cooks’ kitchen. They are what bring the spice, the flavour and the best taste explosion in your mouth!
They’re a must have for anybody’s kitchen, whether a rookie or a pro.
Here I tell you the most versatile to grow and the best ways to grow them!


In the image above you have some of the most used herbs in the kitchen. This is because not only are they easy to grow in the comfort of your own home; they all pack a serious punch of flavour and excitement to whatever meal you plan on cooking up. These things are not only a delight to cook with, they make for some lovely floral décor in your home and provide your house with a sweet smelling aroma.

Don’t fret! These things are super easy to grow and use, cost almost nothing and if you’re an impatient person and can’t wait for them to grow, you can buy them pre-grown in store or buy something called Hydroponic Growing Lights. These growing lights enable the culinary herbs to receive more light, which in turn speeds up and strengthens the process of Photosynthesis which can be insanely useful for if you use them on a daily basis! You can even use these lamps in a growing tent to create a small or large plantation.



Knowing Your Flavours and Uses!

It’s important that you know which herbs provide which flavours. It will certainly come in use if you do a little research on your herbal buddies before you put them on your plate. Here are a few examples:


Chives are usually used for garnish in cooking due to their dainty and delicate onion flavour.

Rosemary is generally used from a dry state and provides a very pine like flavour. Great for the early morning eggs!

Mint is a very versatile herb which packs a very powerful flavour! You can use mint in many things like sweets, sauces and even drinks.

Parsley is a very light tasting herb and is used as both a flavouring and a garnish. It’s accompanied by a very earth, grass like taste.


Get Creative!

As mentioned above, herbs aren’t just used for flavouring, they are the staple pieces to many culinary classics. They provide a pop of colour and can turn a boring meal into a colourful, lively piece of food! So not only are herbs used to make your kitchen lively, it makes your food lively too. Don’t be afraid to experiment and change up the plate every once in a while.