Kitchen Space

The kitchen is a room in the home that has changed dramatically in its role over the last few hundred years. It used to be that the kitchen was solely for the preparation of food and was not used for any other purpose. As the world changed, the kitchen evolved to become more of a family space. In fact, since the first World War, the kitchen has quickly become a room of the home where people can meet, sit, eat, and discuss their everyday lives.

In 2016, the kitchen has become such a focal point of most homes that it garners the attention of potential home buyers and even affects the sale price one way or the other. Such is the importance that people place on the quality of the kitchen that it can sell a house all by itself if the quality is high enough. Consider also the popularity of kitchen renovations and you will get an idea of the changing role of the kitchen and how important it is in the home.

In fact, many families spend more time in their kitchens talking and doing leisure activities than they do in their lounge rooms! This is in large part because the dining room, once a formal and separate space, has merged with the kitchen to create a large open plan space that is more conducive to conversation and sitting.

Kitchen Space

Enhancing Your Kitchen

Whether you’re about to sell your home, or you simply want to renovate, improving the kitchen is all about modern sleek appliances and open space. It is popular to install granite or stone bench tops for both their sleekness and durability, and many homeowners are happy with the strong lines and smooth surfaces that characterise contemporary kitchen design.

What many people fail to take into account is the lighting. In this spirit, here are some tips on installing the right lighting to make a great impact:

  • Style and shape: With the current surge in popularity of LED lighting and in-ceiling lighting, it is no surprise that hanging pendant lights are making a big comeback. In fact, the development of LED and CFL lighting has caused a strong resurgence in Edison-style vintage bulbs. These look fantastic structurally in a room and create a warm ambience that makes the kitchen a more intimate space for conversation. Kitchen pendant lights by Amonson Lighting and other companies take full advantage of this renewed interest in stylish mood setting.
  • Temperature: Every globe emits a certain light temperature, whether warm or cool. This measurement can usually be found on the box of light globes. If you want a crisp and clean space, then it may be a good idea to invest in cool white lighting. This temperature is closest to the light temperature and quality of broad daylight. If you are going for a warmer and more intimate feel, then consider the warm white globes. The vintage filament globes discussed earlier are prime examples of this type of light. It creates a sense of warmth and intimacy.

Whatever lights you choose, make sure that you don’t mix and match different temperatures in the same area. This may cause eye fatigue and a sense of visual confusion.

The kitchen is a functional modern space that can really sell a home. By making your kitchen a great space to be in, you enhance your home and increase its sale value.