Materials to Avoid During A Kitchen Remodel

Remodeling your kitchen can instantly increase the value of your home and make it appear more high-end and luxurious—that is, if you choose the right materials. If you’re thinking of taking on a kitchen remodel, make sure that you avoid these materials:

Trendy backsplashes.

Some kitchen materials are timeless, but backsplash trends come and go every year. If you decide to use a trendy backsplash material, you are taking the risk of dating the home when the trend goes out of style in the next few years. Instead of going with what’s hot right now, choose a classic style. Glass and metal backsplashes are popular right now, but it’s hard to tell when this fad will fade. Choose a classic tile for your backsplash to keep your kitchen looking timeless.

Matte paint.

Choose a glossier paint for the kitchen, and keep matte paints limited to the bedrooms and living spaces. Matte paints are harder to clean, and in the kitchen, it’s hard to keep messes restricted to the countertops, especially if you have children. When you take a cleaner and wipe down matte paint, there’s a chance you could ruin the paint and need to reapply a layer to the wall to even it out. Instead of going through this hassle every time you splash spaghetti sauce on the wall by accident, choose a semi-gloss or high gloss paint.

Plastic laminate.

If you want laminate, there are other options that will work well in a kitchen, just steer clear of plastic laminate. This material scratches very easily and looks cheap and thin. Plus, plastic laminate is not resistant to heat, so if you accidentally put a hot mug, bowl or plate down on the counter, you could cause serious damage to the material. This is definitely not a trait that you want out of your kitchen countertops, so choose another material when you begin renovating.

Lacquer cabinets.

Lacquer cabinets were trendy at one point and perhaps they’ll come back in style someday, but even if they do, do not choose this material for your kitchen cabinets. Lacquer can easily be scratched if you ding or bump into it while cooking in the kitchen. If you do get scratches on lacquer, it’s not an easy fix. You’ll have to call in professionals to redo the 20-something layers of lacquer that is used to get that high gloss look. If you can’t live without the shiny look of lacquer, then choose a more durable option such as thermofoil, which has the same look but will last you much longer.

Marble countertops.

This may be a controversial choice since marble is so incredibly popular right now. Even though it is beautiful, the truth is this material is high maintenance, requires frequent cleanings and can easily be scratched. If you want a high-end countertop material, always go for granite.

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