Modern Bathroom

Do you have a contemporary bathroom, yet love the warmth and character of old-fashioned design elements? Take heart! Stylish vintage fixtures are a great way to upgrade and update the look of your bathroom. Blending rustic features into a bathroom will help you achieve the eclectic décor that’s now in high fashion.

Old Meets New With Exquisite Beauty

Although it may sound like a contradiction, installing vintage units into a modern bathroom is considered to be ultra-chic interior décor. Enhancing your tiled bathroom with materials such as reclaimed wood shelving or an elegantly curved and gilded mirror frame will help you create a retro look with much more splash than ceramic walls and polished steel fixtures. Brass faucets or copper accessories look fashionable and fantastic next to an ultra-modern boxy sink.

There are no rules or restrictions when it comes to decorating. Look through the options and choose what you like, without concern about staying faithful to a specific stylistic period or trend. When you begin to plan your remodeling project, Rebath & Kitchens will help guide you through the wide selection of new and vintage solutions on the market.

Modern Bathroom

Focus on These Fixtures

There are quite a few ways to create a timeless, authentic vintage look in your bathroom.

Tubs:  Genuine cast-iron antique tubs are expensive, yet they express supreme elegance and class. Claw-foot tubs, even modern ones crafted in vintage style, will introduce a romantic feel to any space.

Vanity: Everybody needs a useful countertop and storage space in the bathroom, and a rustic vanity cabinet or charming antique credenza will add function while enriching the character of your room. A contemporary vessel sink perched on the top is a striking way to mix your styles together.

Lighting: Instead of installing a single light fixture that spans your mirror, consider hanging two wall-mounted sconces. Vintage designs include smoky glass and ornamented posts, which add visual drama to the bathroom in addition to a soft, relaxing glow. Or you can mount a fancy chandelier that transforms the room into a magical, majestic space.

Accent with Accessories

One of the simplest ways to incorporate a vintage touch into your bathroom is with mixed metal accessories. For a quaint look, combine nickel drawer handles with brass faucet knobs, or hang brushed gold towel racks next to copper hooks.

A successful vintage look comes down to the little details, such as wall artwork framed in repurposed wood, an antique stool or crate placed in the corner, or an old ladder used as a towel rack.

Your bathroom should promote relaxation and rejuvenation, and the nostalgic décor of vintage design combined with sophisticated, modern features achieves this in a unique and beautiful way.