We may be well into the end of 2017’s first quarter but many homeowners still want to adopt the modern home décor trends for the year. This isn’t surprising as many, if not most, of these trends are still stylish for the next five years, not to mention that these can be rearranged, retouched, and repurposed to suit the newest trends in the coming years. This is what makes home décor such as a worthwhile investment! Here are our top predictions for the home décor trends for 2017, the Year of the Rooster according to the Chinese horoscope. It’s time your home also become something you can crow about, so to speak.

Earthy Colors Galore

Every year, Pantone released its color of the year that, in turn, has a significant influence on the arts, fashion and home décor, among others. For 2017, the choice is bright green, a color that evokes the environment – fresh, clean and filled with vibrant energy.

But since not everybody can live with bright green in their homes, especially on the walls, ceilings, and furniture, green hues are still trendy. Lime green, apple green, and emerald, even olive green, are just a few of the green hues that can be used in your home.

A few tips in using green hues so that you get them in the right doses:

  • Paint the wall in a neutral color, such as white, and place a mint green sofa against it.
  • Install wallpaper with patterns in bright green and contrast it with a sectional sofa in white leather.
  • Add large art pieces and/or small decorative items in various shades of green so that the room has a trendy look without spending for a complete overhaul.

The trick in using green is to get as little or as much as you can take of it in the rooms. On your king single bed, for example, you can put a bright green comforter or a few apple green pillows.

Rich jewel tones, such as rubies and purples, can also be mixed with the vibrant greens and soft pastels. The trend is toward adding upbeat colors to add an airy vibe to any room, even elevating it from drab neutrals. The colors also tend to be earthier, such as terracotta, ochre, and rust, which have both a calming and warming effect on the senses.

Textured Materials

 Interior decorators know the importance of mixing several materials, from hard wood to soft mohair, in home décor to make the room more inviting and interesting. In fact, texture is important because it provides a feast for both the eyes and hands, such as the contrast between the hardwood floor and the soft rug over it.

The textures in 2017 are more varied, too. There are brushed brass tables, bronze sculptures with fascinating details, and light fixtures covered in fine woven materials.

Getting more textures in a home doesn’t even have to mean buying new pieces of furniture and furnishings. Even draping a nubby wool throw over or decorative pillows in various fabrics on a black German leather sectional sofa will do the trick. The throw pillows can be covered in silk, satin, and brocade fabric in rich green and ruby tones, for example.

But why limit yourself to manmade materials to achieve texture and color in your home? In 2017, plants are the must-have décor in homes, a great way to combine several trends – the bright green as color of the year, the push toward eco-friendly materials, and the preference for a more natural feel, even in a modern home in steel and glass.

The highly tactile surfaces are also in contrast with the sleek and smooth surfaces prevalent in our world today, such as on smartphones and buildings. Homes can have metal items paired with wood, clay and cork; or exposed brickwork on the wall; or blown plaster and cement combo. The balance between smooth and rough provides such an appealing detail.

Passion for Pattern

 In contrast with the love for solid colors in past years, 2017 is a year for patterns! But be careful about choosing patterns since these can be too in-your-face, if not brash and bold as to be thrown into the trash.

Experts suggest the following patterns to be on trend in 2017:

  • Tropical prints, which are also the rage in the runways shows of the top fashion designers, such as EmanualUngaro, Marc Jacobs, and Prada. You don’t have to go full-on tropical, since throw pillows covered in designer fabrics will suffice, too.


  • Geometric patterns, especially inventive patterns that evoke ancient Asian and African cultures, are also favorites. These will make your home feel more curated instead of just haphazardly thrown together but it’s best to stick to the simpler patterns.
  • Hand-painted fabrics are also making a comeback. These have a vintage look evoking the 30s, 40s and 50s but since these have been modernized, your home will not look outdated. The rich colors, usually in art nouveau-inspired patterns, on the luxurious fabrics mix so well that even a modest home will look grander.

If you’re into vintage, you will be happy to note that 2017 design is about getting on the 70s groove, even when there appears to be contradictions and contrasts in colors, textures, and patterns. Think of psychedelic but interpreted in the 21st century when fabrics and materials are in abundance.

Interior decorators are also emphasizing “user experience” in room design, also known as experiential design. Basically, each room offers the people in it a tactile, visual and even emotional experience that will engage their five senses. Everything from the light fixtures on the ceiling to the rug on the floor will be chosen for a purpose, particularly in allowing individuals to tap into their senses more.

Are you ready for these 2017 trends? You should be considering that many of these trends can be adopted into your home at little cost. You may even find several items from prior years that can be adapted for the current year’s trends – all it takes is a little imagination, inspiration and creativity.

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