Arketipo Modern Furniture Design

From today on, we are introducing a number of world’s well known modern furniture designers.

Being specialist in the area of super stylish modern furniture design, Arketipo was founded in 1982 by a group of ambitious Italian entrepreneurs. The company is now world famous for modern Italian furniture due to its luxury and highest quality design and products. With its showroom and factory outlet in Florence, the company retains the traditions for the production of high-quality craftsmanship developed for decades.

The modern Italian furniture designed by prominent designer

Arketipo Modern Furniture Design

Arketipo is well known for its innovative technologies and a variety of furniture materials, which helps the team have what it takes to gain a world’s class reputation for originality and super modern styling characterized by clean lines, harmonious proportions, and above all, ergonomically comfort.

Sofa and Shelves

Modern Sofa and Shelf

Arketipo has long identified with his Italian origin in Tuscany that promotes the finest modern arts. This well recognized reputation is a key success factor (KSF) for Arketipo to sustain its long term success.

Arketipo presents the amazing collection of chic and stylish modern furniture, including sofas and chaises, royal armchairs, refined dining room tables and sets.

Traditional materials and modern technology to create the modern Italian furniture

Traditional materials and modern technology to create the modern Italian furniture

Beauty is only skin deep, while genuine beauty is not. When looking at Arketipo designed furniture pieces, you will sense it in a better, different way – comfortable beauty should not be superficial. Their well designed modern style is not only due to the quality upholstered materials, but also based on fine construction techniques that guarantee the highest quality and durability.

Purple Sofa – the modern Italian furniture Arketipo dark purple sofa

contemporary purple sofa

Many upholstered furniture pieces still have a wooden frame, a traditional material that balances the strength with lightness. It’s been a trend that modern furniture designers are more leaning towards using metal framework to achieve more variants of sculptural shapes and forms, high gloss effect, and modern metallic luster. Hence stronger sense of modernity.

Round with metallic luster

 round with metallic luster

White high gloss coffee table

 contemporary high gloss coffee table

Functional sectional sofa

contemporary functional sectional sofa

Where upholstery technology advances, a wider variety of fabrics are used to take partly over traditional leather. Sofas and chairs are upholstered with attractive, neatly woven microfibers, while only the softest cow hides are used when leather is chosen to use. No matter what combination of luxurious materials used, Arketipo is striving to “show off” their talented, true magic and transform any piece of furniture into an artistic example of modern and contemporary furniture.

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