For those who live in the cold and bleak part of the UK, the weather takes its toll on the exterior of your home, and no matter how many times you have it repainted, the climate always seems to make a dent somehow. There are, however, new and innovative wall coatings on the market that are designed with extreme climates in mind, and both durability and elegance are available in one application.

Visual Appeal

While great strides have been made to develop a coating that stands the test of time, aesthetics have not been forgotten, and the range of colours and finishes reflects this. If a homeowner wanted Topcote wall coating in Scotland, for example, there are specialist contractors with many years of hands-on experience in applying the best quality wall coatings. Not only will the coating protect your property from the harsh climate, it also offers an opportunity to add some colour and transform the look of the home.

Moisture Resistant

If any moisture gets through the wall covering, it will linger within the cavity and after a short period, the dampness will begin to attack plaster and timber on the interior, and if this is not addressed promptly, serious repairs might be on the cards. Such is the durability of a brand like Top-Cote, that the manufacturer will offer a full 10-year warranty on their applications, and with the right contractor, you can be sure of a first class job and can stop worrying about the bitter weather damaging your investment.

Fade Resistant

Despite the ever present cloud and rain, there are days of strong sunlight and over time, low quality coverings will invariably fade and crack, but with a modern wall coating, you have a fade resistant material that will stand the test of time. If the surfaces are prepared correctly and the quality of the coating is top notch, there’s no reason why you can’t expect 20 years of trouble free use.

Colour Choices

You might not be able to picture your home with a different colour, but it can have quite a dramatic impact on the look of the property, and with at least a dozen shade options, it might be an idea for a radical transformation. If you would like to explore the possibilities of having your exterior protected by a state of the art wall coating, an online search will bring up a list of contractors, and after some browsing, you can narrow down your choice to 2 or maybe 3 companies, who you can ask to quote for the project.

Like most things, the key to a successful application of wall coating is the preparation, and the contractor would use a water pressure cleaner to remove all the grime, which really gives the coating a strong bond with the substrate. Using an established contractor ensures that the work is carried out to the highest standards, and with a 10-year warranty, you can forget exterior maintenance for a very long time.