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Modular seating is an innovative seating solution that can be extremely beneficial for schools and other educational establishments. It is basically a combination of different sized and shapes of seating that can be fitted together and moved around.

Modular seating can be used in classroom situations as well as common rooms, reception areas and canteens. Where you use it in your school is completely up to you, as there are a variety of benefits in using the furniture in each location.

Using modular seating in the educational context can be very advantageous. Below is a guide to four of the top advantages of using modular seating in educational furniture.

Easy to Move

One of the greatest benefits of modular seating is that it is very easy to move around, and as a result is incredibly flexible and versatile. Whether people are waiting in the reception area, or hanging out with friends in the common room, being able to move the seats around easily is a great advantage.

Schoolrooms have evolved a bit.
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This ease of mobility also encourages students to mix with each other as they can move seats to fit around whom they want to chat with in groups.

Better for Teachers

Modular seating allows teachers to have a lot more flexibility when they are planning lessons. Being able to move students’ seating around means that they can plan a lot more group discussions into their lessons, as well as group activities in general.

Seating can be moved into different arrangements more easily, but can also be completely moved to the side, creating lots of space for physical activities in the centre of the room.

This new flexibility for teachers can really benefit the pupils, as people all learn in completely different ways. Those who learn better from group discussion and moving around could significantly improve their knowledge through teachers having the versatility to plan lessons in a different way.

Reinvigorate Old Rooms

Another fantastic advantage of getting modular seating for your educational establishment is that it can quickly and easily inject some life into old rooms. The bright colours and unusual shapes of modular seating are eye catching and aesthetically pleasing.

This exciting new seating solution can completely transform a boring, or shabby looking room, into a modern and exciting environment where students can relax and learn.

Educational Furniture

Comfy seats are important.
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Studies have shown that a person’s environment can have a huge effect on their behaviour and attitude. Brighter colours and lighter areas generally make people feel happier and more open. Investing in modular seating is a brilliant way to improve a room and consequently improve the way students feel about their day.

Schools that have already started using modular seating have found that it also really encourages a sense of community. As a result of the seating being very easy to move, students can rearrange furniture to sit with friends and bigger groups, meaning they are more sociable.

This can, in turn, have very beneficial effects on students’ behaviour. If they feel they have an area that is theirs and has been invested in with new seating, students are more likely to look after it as they feel a sense of responsibility.


Modular seating is a modern, innovative and exciting seating solution, perfect for a variety of locations. There’s no doubt that it is the way ahead for educational furniture, as it can be incredibly advantageous for both schools and universities.