When you live anywhere in the UK, you know that the average cost of living is quite high.  Studies show that, for a single individual, the weekly grocery bill inclusive of food, basic laundry and toiletry items can amount to anywhere between £40 to £50, a pub meal is estimated to be £8 to £12, a restaurant meal is expected to be £15 to £25.

The cost of transportation, on the other hand, can be anywhere between £30to £150. But, the most significant living expense you’re going to be making is buying a home. Even just a flat rental, be it a flat-share rental or a one-bedroom flat rental, will cost you anywhere between £350 to £1,000. It will entirely depend on where you decide to stay. In London, the cost varies per location. If you want to settle in East London, a one-bedroom flat rental will cost around £900 to £1,000 per month. In West London, it will cost you around £850 to £960. In South London, it will cost you around £720 to £840. In North London, £750 to £900.

You must know how you can save money so that you can cut back on your bills, and you can set some cash aside for rainy days. Getting a new boiler will help you do that.

Check out what a boiler can do for your home:

  1. Water heating

Boilers are commonly known for water heating. The boiler heats the water coming from the pipes to a specific temperature set by your thermostat. Then, the heated water is carried through your piping system by a pump. It then flows directly to your radiators in your laundry room and kitchen.

The boiler is also responsible for heating a separate volume of water that you use in the bathroom. Water circulates through a thin coil inside your hot water tank, and this is the water you use for bathing. So, you can avoid any cold showers.  

Some people opt to use back boilers which directly connect to a heating stove or an open fireplace. These devices are used to provide room heat, hot water and central heating.

Central heating

A boiler can also provide central heating for your home so that you can stay warm during the winter season. The whole interior of your living space will be heated and temperature-controlled, so you don’t have to worry about cold floors.

Boiler-based power generation

A boiler can also generate electricity for you. A boiler-based power generation uses steam to power up your appliances all over your house. The boiler applies thermal energy transferred to water to create the steam. You can surely expect that you can cut down on your electricity bills and energy costs when you have a boiler in your home.


Since boilers generate heat, they are powerful enough to power up electric cookers, microwave ovens and stovetops, so you don’t have to go through the trouble of buying cooking gas every few months, which is a more economical way of living, and it guarantees that you are helping to save our planet.  


Boilers can help ensure that your drinking water is clean and safe to consume. It also prevents sickness and transmission of disease. Boilers will help protect your family from harm.

These are the things a boiler can do for you. Getting a boiler will improve your home’s energy efficiency, and it will help you reduce your bills. If you are currently looking for one, check out BoilerQuoteCompare to weigh up your options.