Auto Garage Door

Your garage is probably one of the largest rooms in your house. Ironically, it is also one of the rooms you spend the least amount of time in. Most garages have concrete floors, concrete walls, and a big garage door at one end. They are cold, drafty, and uncomfortable in the winter. Usually, homeowners do not spend a great deal of time in their garage, so there is little interest in insulating them. That is understandable from a construction standpoint, but it could be costing you a significant amount of money in heating costs every year.

How you are Losing Money

An uninsulated garage lets in cold temperatures from the outside. Insulation is designed to stop this. When the uninsulated walls of your garage get cold or air creeps in through your garage door, the temperature in your garage drops. If your garage is attached to your house then the garage acts as a heat sink, sucking in heat energy. You probably do not even notice the effect the cold garage is having on your home because your home is not actually getting any colder. No problem, right?

Well, your home is not getting any colder because your heater is compensating for the heat transmitted to your garage. Your heater is running almost constantly to keep your house warm.

This is going to cost you in two ways. The first and most direct way this constant heating is costing you is your power bill. The more your heater runs, the more energy it consumes and the more you have to pay. That is pretty straightforward. It also costs you in repairs. Your heater only has so many functional hours before it requires maintenance; that is just the reality of complicated equipment. The more your heater runs, the more likely it is to break. You will then have to pay the price for repairs.

Auto Garage Door

How to Save Money

You can save money by buying an insulated garage door from a reliable supplier such as An insulated garage door does wonders to keeping your garage warmer. It blocks out a great deal of that cold air from getting in and heat from getting out. Since your garage will be warmer, you will save money on heating costs. You will also save money on heating repair costs since you will not have to run your heater so much.

Also, while it is not necessarily a money saving bonus, your garage simply will not be as cold. Anyone who has walked through a frigid garage in the morning knows how uncomfortable that can be. That will not be as much of a problem with an insulated garage.

Many people are interested in the amount of money you can save versus the expense of upgrading your garage. That depends on the size of your house, the size of your garage, the area in which you live and so much more.

Larger houses will heat up more slowly, but they will resist a cold garage much better. A small garage will not get nearly as cold as a big, cavernous one. However, there is research suggesting as much as 30% of the heat lost in your house pass through your garage.

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