If you are moving from the United States to a foreign country with your family, there are several things you need to know about the process. You may have moved before, but leaving the country you reside in to live in another nation is a big move. The following are a few things you need to consider in advance.

Choose your movers carefully

Anyone can claim to be an international moving company, but there are different rules for customs when shipping to other countries. No two countries are exactly the same. For this reason, you need to make sure that a mover, not only has a lot of experience moving personal goods to other nations, but they also have experience with the specific country you are moving to.

Use a company the regularly ships to the country you are moving to

There is also a big difference between moving goods by ground and by ship. If you are simply moving to Canada or Mexico, your belongings are likely to be moved by truck. Obviously, if you are moving across the Atlantic or Pacific oceans, your things will be sent by ship. Exactly how this is best achieved takes experience. Always remember to do your research about the number of moves or years shipping to a specific country a moving firm has. If possible, you should contact a few people who have used a moving company’s service to find out how the move went. A move to a foreign country can create special problems and challenges for a moving company that are not likely to be experienced within the borders of the United States.

International moving companies know the laws

They know the laws regarding shipping, so they can prevent any unnecessary penalties or expenses that were not planned for. If a moving company does not know the regulations, there can be a problem. In may be something about the paperwork like an item that was supposed to be listed but was not, or it could be material that was not declared and subject to a fee. It is also possible that you can ship something that is not allowed in your new country. Even if there is no penalty involved, if such an item is discovered, it can hold up your shipment to your new home. Using international movers with experience shipping to your new country solves this problem.

Use a company that offers packing services

It is usually a good idea to use a packing service when moving across the country, but you should consider it mandatory when shipping to a foreign country. A packing service, especially one that is provided by the moving company, will know exactly the best way to pack every type of item you are shipping. They will know exactly how your stuff will be shipping every  mile of the trip, and they will even know the best way to secure your items from damage. They will also know the proper way to pack items for the customs inspection, so there is little chance of a problem when the shipment enters the nation of your new home.

What delivery service do they offer?

With a long distance move in the United States, door-to-door service is common. The movers will pick up your goods, load them on the truck and drive to your new address. Once at your new home, they will then unload everything and place it in your house. Although this is often an option with an international mover, it may not be available for every country, so you need to inquire about it. In addition, some movers may not offer a door-to-door service at all. If this is the case, it may be a service that is from your house to the port of the foreign country. Often called door-to-port, you are responsible for getting your items from the port to your new home.

Regardless of how much experience you have had moving inside the borders of the United States, you shouldn’t consider moving to a foreign country without using the services of a professional international moving company. They have the experience to reduce the chances of complications to a minimum and make your family’s move easier, so everyone can become adjusted quickly.