Moving House

Moving house is described as being one of the most stressful events in a person’s life. There’s certainly a lot of planning required to ensure that it goes as smoothly as possible, and the costs of moving definitely add to the pressure that a lot of individuals and families feel. One way to help reduce the costs, without attempting to compromise on legal representation or other necessary fees, is to rent a van and move your belongings yourself.

There are many different costs incurred when moving house. Estate agent fees, stamp duty, legal fees, and even the cost of buying boxes to pack your stuff. You may have to take time off work, pay to put the animals in kennels, and even have to pay disconnection and connection charges for utilities. The cost of paying for a professional removal company is one that many people initially overlook, but can total thousands of pounds for a large move or for one over a long distance. Renting a van, coercing friends and family to assist, and planning the removal yourself, can save a lot of money and ensure that you have total control over the move.

There are many different makes and model of van available. Transit style and similarly sized vans may be suitable for small moves, for example if you are moving one person’s belongings from a small flat, while larger Luton style vans offer more room and can have additional features such as powered tail gates that make it easier and less physically demanding to get even the heaviest items onto the back of the van.

Moving House

Even Luton vans can usually be hired with a standard UK driving licence, which means that you can do the driving yourself as long as you hold a full licence and meet the requirements set out by the rental company and their insurers. Typically, you need to be aged 25 or over, and so do any additional drivers that you want added to the rental policy, and you might struggle to rent a vehicle if you have previous disqualifications or dangerous driving convictions on your licence.

Typically, you will only need a van rental for a day or two, depending on the distance you are travelling and the volume of belongings that you are shifting. Even if you commit to buying dinner and drinks for those that help with the lifting, you can move all of your belongings on the day of the move for a couple of hundred pounds, rather than having to pay £1,000 or more to have professionals do the work for you.

Renting a van and moving your belongings yourself also means that you retain control. While most removal companies turn up on time and complete the job without breakages or damage to your items or to the property, this isn’t always the case. Damaged belongings may be covered by insurance, but this still means sourcing and buying a replacement while doing without. You can make sure that everything is moved into the right room, moved in the right order, and that your breakables are treated with the level of care that you afford them yourself.

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