Moving to a new town can be an exciting time. Whether your bags are packed for the bustling sounds and crowded streets of New York City or if you’re transitioning into a peaceful, serene bird-chirping community—moving out of state is a lot of work. From finding new healthcare to finding a job, there’re many things to consider than just your new living space. With a little out-of-the-box thinking and planning, you may just find that perfect place you’ve been looking for. A place you can call, home.


Obviously, the roof over your head deserves the most attention.

  • Do you plan on being a homeowner or renter?
  • Has big is your family and how big do you plan your family might be?
  • Are you fixated on settling into a metropolitan lifestyleor are you in search of quiet family neighborhood.
  • Are you single and hope to find new friends or people to date?

May be you arelooking for a community embedded in nature, but still has access to freeways and commercial businesses, you may want to pack your bags for the panoramic hills of Utah—giving outdoor lovers everything one would need. For a wonderful example of communities tucked away in Mother Nature’s depths, investigate through these Herriman homes for sale in the great state of Utah.  The list goes on and on, but once you establish the basic elements you wish to pursue—give you’re impending realtor as much information as possible sohe or she to find the right place.

Cost of living

The next thing you should research is the current state of the economy in your potential new area of living. Below are just the basics to help you determine whether or not the dollar is struggling to stay a float in your new town.

  • What’s the employment rate?
  • What are the average wages people earn?
  • Is the moving location in high demand among homebuyers?

Planning to move to San Francisco? Think twice—it’s the second most expensive city behind New York to live in the United States. Planning to move to San Francisco, and don’t mind commuting to work? Great news—Antioch, CA, is all but an hour away from the Golden Gate Bridge and just happens to be the cheapest place to live in the Bay Area.



Many movers seem to underestimate the impact weather has on your lifestyle. If you can’t stand gloomy weather and yearlong rain, than Washington State shouldn’t be on your top places to move to. Have a fear of tornadoes? You may want to reconsider packing your bags for Oklahoma or Iowa.


If you plan on moving your kids to a new school, this should at the top of your list. Meeting new friends and finding your way around campus is hard enough, but if the school doesn’t measure up to your academic standards or is without much athletic interest, you’re children may have a more difficult time transitioning than expected.