garden mow

Mowing should be done carefully so that the lawn will have a thick growth which in turn resulting in the zero weeds germination. Before mowing we should know what type of grass we are growing and to what extent they have to be cut or mowed. This is because different type of grass will have different type of growth to a particular height. Now a day we get different type of mowers for cutting or cleaning the lawn. These lawn cleaning mowers are eco friendly to handle and use. Some work with the help of petrol, electric current etc,.

garden mow

How does your garden mow?

Here are some of the ways for How does your garden mow to mow your garden and few things should be kept in mind before mowing.

  • Initial thing is that you have to mow your lawn when it is dry.
  • You can cut the one third of the grass height. You will be known whether your lawn is healthy or not with close cutting. A healthy lawn can survive from close cutting.
  • Repeated close cutting results in making the lawn brown in color and which further results in damage and side effects of lawn.
  • If you find your day with heavy sun light and heat avoid mowing on that days to avoid stress on yourself and also your lawn.
  • Concentrate mowing the grass under trees and plants to since here where the grass tends to compete with the water and nutrients of plants and trees.
  • Alter your mowing conditions based on the weather so that mowing should be compatible and there by resulting in thick growth.
  • It is not ended after mowing the lawn. Once you have done with mowing you should concentrate on the fertilization of the grass and take necessary precautions and side effects.

Before knowing how mow your garden you need to know the basic things!

So how does your garden mow? Before going to mow your garden have you ever thought of a mower? Have you ever gone through the type of mower that suits you and your garden?  So you need to consider the following things before thinking of a lawn mower. Common let us have a look on it.

  • Lawn Size and lawn type – Lawn size and the law type are key factors in determining the kind of mower we need to purchase. Due to large in size of lawn we can consider a riding mower to cut the grass. And for lawn type even the smaller mowers do better work in cutting the grass effectively if the lawn is small.
  • Maintenance – Maintenance is nothing but when you are completed with mowing you will get best results with the sharp edged mowers. And hence the grass alone grows very thick and is easy to maintain.
  • Type of Mower – As already told we can have a petrol filled or electric mower as of our requirement. We also can get hand push mowers for the smaller lawn and easy to handle.

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