Anything that is used to decorate the walls of your home, be it paint or wallpaper, fabric or plaster, is termed as a wall covering. Your choice of wall coverings is sure to get changed drastically, depending upon several factors. The factors determining your choices are the room itself, the overall design of the room and frequency of people visiting the room. The style and design of the wallpaper are the minor points that need consideration. The major points to pay heed to are queries like maintenance after installation, easy installation procedure and the ability to alter the wallpapers in future.

Your decision-making process will become easier once you consult any Janovic professionals.

Starting with the basics

Wall coverings are generally of two types-

  • Wallpaper

  • Paint

To start with these two, there is a wide range of choices in these two categories too. In most homes, these are the two most common categories seen. As far as interior home paint is concerned, it comes with a satin finish, matte finish, eggshell finish, flat enamel, glossy and semi-gloss finish.

The second type, wallpaper too is made of multifarious elements. Before you decide to opt for wallpaper, there are numerous age-old and modern designs to choose from. The most common of these types is vinyl wallpaper and the latest is foil wallpaper. Walls tend to get dirty easily and this is the reason you need to recoat it quite often. This is the reason people are opting for highly resistant vinyl wallpapers. Moreover, such wall fixtures are easy to maintain as well as install.

Fashionable alternative

As far as choosing wall coverings are concerned, paint and wallpaper are not the only options available. Numerous other alternatives are available in the market at present, which can spoil you with choices. Stone, woodwork, marvel work, and tiles are some of the available options which are at present the hot favorites of homeowners as well as the designers. Majority of these fashionable options are expensive than the traditional wallpapers and interior paints, but people are embracing them gradually as these alternatives are more durable and require less maintenance.

Fresh ideas

Besides the above-mentioned alternatives, fabrics are ruling the market at present. The reason for their popularity is the fact that they help to change the entire ambiance of your rooms. Moreover, a textural change is brought by the use of fabrics which is sometimes lost due to the use of wallpapers and interior paints. Fabrics are also known to offer more coziness than tiles, marble, and stones. Fabrics are in fact, considered as a great wall covering alternative for condos and apartments as they possess excellent soundproofing qualities.

No matter whatever your choice is, make sure to hire professional wall covering workers to ensure flawless completion of your project. A Janovic store in your locality will be of great help in this regard. Remember, your home is the place where you will be returning at the end of the day to find respite. If the walls and overall color scheme of the rooms do not offer you the mental peace you can never be at ease in your home.


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