Your office space needs to be affordable and efficient. Studies have shown that workers are up to 39.4% more productive based on the environment they work in. Neglecting this emerging field of study makes no sense. Office fit outs and designs are extremely popular these days due to a few factors. First, rent is expensive in all major cities. Secondly, modern design theories are being proven each day. Current trends in more open workspaces and less hierarchical office design are not slowing or reversing.


Businesses Want Amenities

Businesses are made up of people and people want amenities. It should come as no surprise that most businesses now expect easy access to their office from major transport hubs, lots of dining options in the area, meeting rooms, and lounge areas. Others want shared access to fitness centres and kitchens. Luckily for them, today’s business environment can offer these perks. It doesn’t matter if you’re renting a small, one-man office or getting a large office space. Your office design will have open spaces and common areas which encourage teamwork. The old way of designing business space seems like it’s dying off. Gone are the large private offices that clearly showed status. Now employees of different standing are expected to work side by side.

Reduce Your Footprint

Companies all over the world are reducing their footprints. That means cheaper rent and an environmental friendliness. In many service firms, seniority is no longer what it used to be. You can’t expect to take a nap in your huge corner office while the youngsters at the firm do all the heavy lifting. These days technology has changed the entire office design, workflow, and even the way the businesses operate. Part of the reason companies can do this is because office design is much more efficient than it used to be. Many people can make do with much smaller work areas if they’ve been designed to perfection. There’s no more wasted space anywhere. This makes rent much less expensive while increasing productivity at the same time. This idea is appealing to industries from consultancies to solicitors. Businesses that rely heavily on telecommuting have pioneered the innovative use of space.

Increase Collaboration

New office designs do a great job of increasing collaboration. There are fewer barriers than there used to be for quick communication. You can easily see whether someone is busy. If they’re not you can ask them a simple question and have it answered fast. The barriers that once prevented people from speaking with each other at the office have all been removed. Workers can form teams quicker than ever to finish complex projects. Brainstorming is more of a normal function than it once was. Teams working together can solve issues faster. Companies that are constantly dealing with new projects love to combine the brainpower of their employees with a fun and fast-moving meetings. Open spaces and good workflow work to make that happen. Cubicles and shuttered offices stop the free flow of information in its tracks.

Decrease Rent

Decreasing rent is always a good move for an office-based business. Rent is a major expense. Cutting 10% or more is going to allow that money to be used more effectively elsewhere in the company. Or it will end up as more profits. That’s good news. Companies are less likely than ever to sign long-term contracts for leases unless there are real benefits to doing so. Short term leases and the ability to move within a five-year period can give a business the flexibility they need to upgrade their office space affordably. New buildings are going up all the time, which makes the whole market more competitive. Being locked into higher rent can really hurt your firm over time. It pays to fight the trend of increasing rent prices any way possible. Staying on top of the latest office space trends and using virtual offices and amenities when possible certainly make sense. There’s no need to pay rent for a dedicated conference room if you only use it on occasion. You’re better off just leasing the space on an as-needed basis. More businesses are doing this every day. Smaller organisations are benefiting from the trend towards shared office space. When a firm is new and their revenues are unsure, going with the lowest cost option for rent is logical.

Stay Competitive

Very bad things happen to organisations and businesses that are stagnant. They go the way of the dinosaur in extreme cases. Staying on top of emerging trends is the way to ensure your business grows in stature. If you don’t follow the leaders when a new trend emerges, you’ll be left in the dust with the other old timers. Office design is one such field where this really makes a difference. It pays to read up on what’s going on in the design industry. A new ocean of ideas has been unleashed that is transforming offices every day. Certainly some of these ideas make sense for your company. Don’t be afraid to take the plunge. Your office can either be a major hub of profit or a drain on company profits. Moving is not a big deal. If you have to relocate your offices, you can work out a deal where the savings in rentals exceeds any moving costs. Throw in the increase revenues from burgeoning productivity and you have the type of decision that makes business leaders into legends! Your competitors will either have to match your expense ratio or they’ll be at a major disadvantage when they go up against you. Every bit helps in the battle for business. Save as much money as you can on expenses you can’t completely cut. Get the most out of your workforce by allowing them to work in a more natural way. The benefits are long-lasting and amazing. Your new office space will be attractive and effective. Clients will be impressed and workers will come to work early just because they love the environment so much. Good luck with your project.

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