After a small or a big reorganization of your house – you probably have several broken or old furniture pieces piled in one corner of the garden. The one-piece furniture objects can easily be thrown away, but a better option is to check out whether you could do something with the old, broken and useless furnishings. Here are a couple ideas and tips, which will, one, ensure the perfect house clearance and, two, they could make sure you get some benefits out of the useless objects.

1) Try to repair and fix the furniture that can be salvaged. Use your free time on the next weekend and turn the most appropriate scrap furniture into marvellous DIY projects for the terrace, for the home interior or for the patio. There are two main ways for creating something useful out of the useless furniture. One, dismantle all the furniture and use only the good parts to turn them into a whole new furniture item. Two – try to repair and fix the already assembled furnishings, and make them like new after a few coats of paint and some carpentry work.

2) Reupholster the old useless furniture instead of throwing away the still good-looking chairs or couches. Reupholstering is an easy method to make a furniture piece look like a completely new piece of the decoration, because there is no need to clean or deal with other major issues. Just a couple of hours should be enough to reupholster the useless furniture with your most preferred upholstery and transform the old dining chairs, for example, into the cosiest objects in the dining room. No need to immediately think about furniture clearance.

3) Donate to charity or to friends. Always a great tip is, before throwing away the useless furnishings, to ask your friends or neighbours whether they need one or a few of the objects for their garden or patio. Or else, donate the useless furniture to charity as one of the easiest and fastest ways to get rid of the piles of old furniture pieces.

4) Sell to second-hand centres and re-use retailers. Sell in the biggest online platforms. You may wonder how much money you could make from the old furniture you put away for junk removal. Not to mention that some antique stores and centres can offer a much bigger price for the valuable items that may look useless to you. However, this may not be the quickest way to get rid of the useless furniture and you should take your time to find buyers.

5) Schedule a furniture clearance for the weekend. Call a company with a van for collection of scrap furniture and scrap wood materials. Yet another great tip is to handle garden clearance at the same time too, because you can take advantage of the waste disposal service for the junk from both the garden and the house simultaneously. The companies that offer clearance services are usually the most appropriate choice to get rid of the scrap or the broken furnishings, and the company might even want to buy some of the furniture that is still in a good condition.

6) Recycle furniture. Rent a van and dispose the junk furniture at the nearest recycling centre. Most of the furnishings can be taken for recycling as household rubbish, but you should first separate the metal from the wooden parts. Recycling is the “greenest” way to deal with the piles of junk furniture after the big home clearance in the spring. Moreover, this solution is just perfect if you want to get rid of the broken furnishings that you have probably been hoarding in the cellar or in the garage for years.