There are many different approaches to the self-build process for potential homeowners to consider.  One that has become increasingly popular is the package design and build project but why might this be the right option for your project?

How it works

With a self-build, usually the property is constructed yourself from a plan drawn up specifically to match your requirements.  This makes it unique and very specific but can also be very daunting if you have never undertaken such a project before.  This is why an increasing number of self-builders are looking for something of a middle ground between the mass-produced home and the completely tailored option – this is where the package design comes in.

When you work with a package house specialist, they take on some or all the design and build work, allowing you to offset some of the tasks to those that know.  They can help with all aspect of the design including construction choices, materials and also ways to make the house exactly what you want.

Benefits of package design

So why are more self-builders choosing to use this option over other approaches to self-building that are in use?

You still control the design

Even using a package design, you still control the design yourself.  You can let the package designer take over as much as you want or put your stamp on as much as you want – often the result is a mixture of the two.  The company provides you with a buildable structure plan and you can then incorporate the elements you desire.

The budget is more manageable

Another benefit is that the budget is more manageable than with other types of self-build projects.  You can know exactly what the property will cost once you have worked with the package designer to create what you need.  You can also manage to cut some costs because you are working with one supplier for the project rather than various ones.

You can work to schedule

Working with a package design company also helps to work to schedule and get the property finished in the time scale you require.  They will often provide both costing and construction programs that will let you know exactly what will happen when.  And the more the company does in the process, the easier it is to control and budget.

You get expert experience

Even if this isn’t your first self-build, we can all benefit from expert experience and this kind of arrangement gets you access to this.  You can have what you want but also get the experience of experts to let you know if what you want might not work or will cost more than your budget.  It is the best of both worlds for many self-builders.

As with all options, there are pros and cons to using a package design company for your self-build.  There can be elements of similarity between yours and another person’s home but this is offset by the ease of process and simple budgeting and scheduling.  It is definitely an option to consider when planning your self-build.

Author Bio: Darren Lester is the founder of SpecifiedBy, an online platform for architects and specifiers to choose the best materials for their projects.