The roof eaves serve different purposes like managing the rainwater, keeping the water away from home, escaping the excess air, and so many more. You need to keep the eaves in proper shape and condition to make sure that it serves its purposes. Otherwise, you might have to face many severe roofing issues like stagnant water, rusting, and an increase in utility bills.

Here are 6 tips mentioned to help you paint your roof eaves properly.

  • Clean the Eaves

First of all, you must pull out a ladder to reach your eaves to be able to clean them. You must take a stable ladder to make sure that it doesn’t lose its balance.

You can use hot water and a dry cloth to keep the dirt and grease off the eaves. It is also suggested to use a pressure washer or hose to get clean and clear eaves. There must not be any dirt left after you are done with the cleaning process.

  • Let It Dry

Then you must give your roof eaves some time to dry out completely. It depends on the current season that how much the eaves would take to dry. If it’s a sunny day, they might just take an hour or two.

  • Choose the Paint

The paint you choose for your roof eaves must be exclusively made for them. It must not be any other normal paint which you use for other areas of your home. It also depends on the material of your eaves that which kind of paint would be best suited to them.

For instance, if your roof eaves are constructed with the use of metal material, you need to pick a paint that is specially made to cover it. Similarly, if your roof eaves are made of wood material, the paint you choose must have the ability to adhere to wood to be long-lasting.

  • Use Sandpaper

You must use sandpaper to sand your peeling paint. However, it is really important to pick the suitable sandpaper based on the material of the eaves.

For instance, you must choose the sandpaper that works best with metal if you have metal roof eaves. Same goes for the wood and other materials of the roof eaves.

  • Technique and Tools

You must use the right technique and tools to paint your roof eaves effectively. You must use a good quality roller and brush to apply the coating evenly. However, the number of coatings depends upon how well your roof eaves are covered with the paint.

It is always better to use the rollers than the spray paint as it looks tidier and more professional. If you think you can’t follow the right technique, you can take help from any of the renowned professional roofing contractors in Macomb County Michigan.

  • Add Sealer

You can then add a sealer to extend the life of your paint. The coating of sealer you apply must be even and doesn’t go to the other parts of your home.

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